What is CoworkingResources?

About Coworking Resources

CoworkingResources is a publication that aims to provide the most comprehensive, unbiased guides for coworking space owners to run a more efficient space. We deliver resources that help members find coworking spaces around the world, the latest news in the industry and expert insights from coworking space owners themselves.

Why coworking?

We believe that coworking is the future of work, and we embrace it in all aspects. Today, it’s not only relevant for small businesses and freelancers, but also incubator center owners, big corporations and any team seeking more agile workspaces.

In an industry growing at an exponential rate, we are an informational hub for modern workspaces worldwide. We aim to foster collaboration, flexibility, knowledge sharing and hope to nurture talent within this community.

Join the community

Hundreds of people benefit from reading CoworkingResources every day and the coworking spaces we partner with have provided our readers with many useful insights, based on their own experiences. Whether you are an institutional innovation lab, an independent business owner or a large corporation embracing coworking, we want to learn and grow with you.

If you're interested in sharing your expertise with our community, or contributing an article to our blog, you can read our guidelines here.

For partnerships or other inquiries you can get in touch with us at content@coworkingresources.org.

About Kisi

CoworkingResources is backed by Kisi—the access control solution chosen by hundreds of shared workspaces worldwide. You can find more information about what Kisi offers to coworking spaces here.