The best coworking space management software in 2019:

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The Best Coworking Space Management Software (CRM)

An average space management software merely aids you in operations. A great software, on the other hand, takes workload off you and adds value to your members' experience. Choosing the right solution can be crucial to the success of your business and that's why on this page you’ll find the most popular space management software and apps. Our list includes: 

  • OfficeR&D
  • KUBE
  • Coworkify
  • Essensys
  • Nexudus
  • Cobot
  • Optix

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Habu is a shared workspace management software that’s built to automate a variety of administrative tasks, allowing you to take back control of your schedule as coworking manager and focus on expanding your network and improving the shared workspace. Whether you’re dealing with membership, management, or billing, simplicity is at the core of all of Habu’s features, making the system easy to use.


OfficeR&D is a total workspace management solution. Its main purpose is to allow its users to maximize their earnings from their coworking spaces and offices. There are two pricing plans-per member and per desk. Read on to learn more about this software!

KUBE by WUN - A Yardi Company

WUN’s coworking software is an integral part of the company’s KUBE platform, which consists of a suite of tools used for shared workspace management. It is an all-in-one solution for coworking space management.


Essensys is a customer-relationship management platform for shared workspace on managing available space as a service. It covers all aspects of workspace lifecycles, from the level of an individual desk to business offices as units.


Coworkify shows the practical and simplistic Japanese approach to coworking with a user-friendly design. In addition to standard functions, such as bookings, automated invoicing, and membership management, Coworkify also provides a high level of security with the best price deal.


Nexudus is a very scaleable and multifaceted application. Almost any function can be customized and they also provide an API for custom integrations. Nexudus is great if you are looking for a lot of technical possibilities and many functions. Its white-label approach will allow you to shape your members portal according to your brand and your specific needs.


Cobot is a Berlin-based provider of coworking software. It has the highest integration rate with Adyen,, Gocardless, Payone, Paypal, Stripe, Veritrans Japan, Paylane, Cloudessa, KISI, Google, Slack, Zapier and many more. Its plan includes unlimited support, white label functionalities, invoicing, reporting, analytics and more.

Pricing is based on the number of members and, something worth pointing out, guest access and day passes will not count toward the overall number of users you’ll be charged for.


Optix is an outrageously beautiful platform that satisfies every need of a growing coworking business. The interface is straightforward, intuitive and the member app provides seamless access to the community, resources, and services that the workplace has to offer. Optix also offers an API platform that enables providers to build custom capabilities and tools.

Pricing starts at $199/month for a single location with up to 50 members.

How to choose the right software

There are four main criteria you can base your evaluation on:

  1. White-label functionalities
  2. Integrations with other apps
  3. Reporting and admin interface
  4. Pricing model and scalability

Your own custom solution

There is another option to the four CRM systems above--building your own custom solution. Any coworking space provider with detailed needs can decide to build their own coworking management system. It's called “OS” for Operating System. Before you decide to customize your own, make sure you have specific reasons why the above providers don’t work and that you have enough resources to support and maintain your app throughout its lifecycle.

Kisi's integration with the major coworking apps

Are you using Kisi to control access to your space? If so, you should know that Kisi’s cloud dashboard offers integrations with Cobot, Nexudus, Office RND, Optix, KUBE by WUN, Croissant and many other apps! Take a look at the different integrations here and see how you could benefit from them.

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