2019 Best Coworking Space Management Software

We’ve broken down and compared several features of the top coworking management software services to help you choose the best platform for your space. Based on our findings these software have risen to the top and provide great solutions for a range of coworking concepts. Learn more about our ranking methodology below, and happy reading!

* Please note that any ties in the total score were ranked according to general pricing of each software. However, keep in mind that pricing commonly changes depending on the individual size of a coworking space and the amount of services and integrations needed.

Access Control
Tech Support
Custom Features
Data Analysis
Communi- cation
Mobile Friendly
TotAl Score

Nexudus is a very scaleable and multifaceted application. Almost any function can be customized and they also provide an API for custom integrations. Nexudus is great if you are looking for a lot of technical possibilities and many functions. Its white-label approach will allow you to shape your members portal according to your brand and your specific needs.

Why we love Nexudus:

  • As soon as you sign up, your account comes with an operational white-label member’s portal. You can completely customize it with your logo, text, and images to make it unique to you and your coworking space. 
  • It features a simple interface that is easy for users to pick up and track members, billing, and open rooms. 
  • Nexudus offers a sliding scale calculator to help estimate fees for new members. It tends to be 10-15% cheaper than its competitors, making it a cost-effective option.

OfficeRnD was founded by Miroslav Miroslavov and Miroslav Nedyalkov in 2015. As of 2019, the company has offices across Europe, New Zealand and the United States. The OfficeRnD product is used in more than 40 countries by 450+ workspaces, including Central Working, Halkin, Dogpatch Labs, Mesh Oslo, Hub Australia, and more.

Why we love OfficeRnD

  • It simplifies the office management software by offering all the necessary business needs while still being user-friendly. 
  • OfficeRnD offers an embedded platform for Customers Relationship Management (CRM), which allows owners to keep track of all prospective members. You can collect data from a targeted audience to help convert more one-time users to members. 
  • OfficeRnD features a Space Management option, allowing users to handle desks and office rentals across multiple facilities.

Cobot is a Berlin-based provider of coworking software. It has the highest integration rate with Adyen, Authorize.net, Gocardless, Payone, Paypal, Stripe, Veritrans Japan, Paylane, Cloudessa, KISI, Google, Slack, Zapier and many more. Its plan includes unlimited support, white label functionalities, invoicing, reporting, analytics and more.

Pricing is based on the number of members and, something worth pointing out, guest access and day passes will not count toward the overall number of users you’ll be charged for.

Why we love Cobot

  • It offers a 30-day free trial, so you can test out the features and decide if it is right for you.  
  • Cobot helps to manage multiple spaces and control member access on one interface. 
  • The booking calendar updates in real time, so members always know what resources like conference rooms, lockers, and more are in use or are free to use. 

Optix is an outrageously beautiful platform that satisfies every need of a growing coworking business. The interface is straightforward, intuitive and the member app provides seamless access to the community, resources, and services that the workplace has to offer. Optix also offers an API platform that enables providers to build custom capabilities and tools.

Pricing starts at $199/month for a single location with up to 50 members.

Why we love Optix

  • It's a white-labeled solution that allows you to customize it to fit your needs completely. Optix can integrate with more than 1,000 apps and tools through Zapier. 
  • With a 99% customer support satisfaction rating, Optix takes pride in providing helpful and responsive support to its users. 
  • Through the individualized coworking space app, owners and managers have access to their own community feed and it connects members sharing news, developments, and opportunities.
Satellite Deskworks

Satellite Deskworks is flexible, cloud-based software designed to help space operators manage a profitable, sustainable coworking space, shared workspace or business center.

  • The patented, comprehensive solution features network check-in, a user-friendly member portal, instant reporting with real-time information. 
  • Interactive online reservation calendar, automated and reliable billing system
  • Easy and flexible inventory setup

essensys is a customer-relationship management platform for shared workspace on managing available space as a service. It covers all aspects of workspace lifecycles, from the level of an individual desk to business offices as units.

Why we love essensys

  • It makes it easy to acquire and convert leads. All leads are registered through the system and then forwarded to the correct person who can then contact the leads. 
  • essensys is targeted towards coworking business market itself as a space-as-a-service concept. It helps to connect locations and streamline the management process online. 
  • essensys connects users with their colleagues within the same workspace to help build up the community.

WUN’s coworking software is an integral part of the company’s KUBE platform, which consists of a suite of tools used for shared workspace management. It is an all-in-one solution for coworking space management.

Why we love KUBE

  • The Member Portal is extremely community-based, that allows all its members to communicate and collaborate on new ideas and projects through the platform. 
  • It takes the stress out of managing a coworking space. Owners and managers can seamless integrate the platform with merchants and billing applications to help make the process much easier. 
  • KUBE has flexible price points for its users that can be customized based on the user’s needs.

Coworkify shows the practical and simplistic Japanese approach to coworking with a user-friendly design. In addition to standard functions, such as bookings, automated invoicing, and membership management, Coworkify also provides a high level of security with the best price deal.

Why we love Coworkify

  • Security is essential when credit card information and personal data is being stored online, and Coworkify takes it seriously. All information is encrypted, and the software is hosted by the secure Amazon Web Services (AWS). 
  • The payment flexibility of Coworkify makes it easy for its members to use the software. Members can choose to pay via credit card, cheque, or cash. 
  • Coworkify has created a platform that is so simple to use that you can be completely set up and ready to go in just 15 minutes.

Habu is a shared workspace management software that’s built to automate a variety of administrative tasks, allowing you to take back control of your schedule as coworking manager and focus on expanding your network and improving the shared workspace. Whether you’re dealing with membership, management, or billing, simplicity is at the core of all of Habu’s features, making the system easy to use.

Note: *Habu will soon release their open API and access control integration later in 2019

Why we love Habu

  • Habu is built on the newest technology and keeps the software updated without distributing the users. It has a 99.99% uptime, which means it is almost always online. 
  • The Community Discover feature gives an overview of all the members’ jobs, helping to create a collaborative spirit in the space. 
  • The software allows owners to create new plans, update old ones, and completely customize the workspace.

How to Choose the Right Management Software

With the number of complex services they provide, from billing to tracking members, the coworking software you choose to help run your space could make or break the business. However, these comprehensive platforms often offer so many services, integrations, and add-on features that it can get overwhelming when trying to determine the most important factors. We’ve eliminated some of the guesswork by narrowing down the most important functionalities a software should have for a coworking space, along with some general advice to help you decide with confidence. 

Major criteria to consider:

  1. Access Control
  2. Flexibility and Efficiency of Use
  3. Help and Documentation
  4. Customization (White label & integrations)
  5. Lead Generation and Data Analysis
  6. Pricing model and scalability

Your Own Custom Solution

If choosing an all-inclusive management software seems like an impossible task, there is an alternative —  building your own custom solution. Many spaces have built their own coworking management system (or operating system), with the integrations and add-ons that cater to their specific space the most, in lieu of generic enterprise software. However, before designing a customized platform, you should make sure you have specific reasons why the above providers don’t work and that you have enough resources to support and maintain your app throughout its lifecycle.

Kisi's integration with the major coworking apps

Are you using Kisi to control access to your space? If so, you should know that Kisi’s cloud dashboard offers integrations with Cobot, Nexudus, Office RND, Optix, KUBE by WUN, Croissant and many other apps! Take a look at the different integrations here and see how you could benefit from them.


The categories we used to rate our list of coworking management software is loosely based on the 10 Usability Heuristics for User Interface Design created by the Nielsen Norman Group, a leading authority in research-based user experience. Since many of the management platforms we’ve reviewed in the past bear strong similarities to traditional enterprise software companies, with an emphasis on integrations and full stack solutions, we found it appropriate to judge them by the most common UX/UI standards available along with the ability to control physical access to a coworking space. 

Each grading category was broken down into specific questions concerning the features and abilities of the individual platform:

Access Control

  • Can customers control security access from the platform?
  • Can customers revoke a member's access to the space when they no longer pay for their membership?
  • Can customers issue smartphone keys to new members based on membership level?
  • Can customers monitor all the doors in their space from anywhere in the world through the management platform?
  • Can customers provide 24/7 access to their space through the security features of the software?

Flexibility and Efficiency of Use 

  • Can the customer automate billing and payments for members (automatic invoicing)?
  • Is there a dashboard on the platform where the customer can track payments?
  • Can the customer add extra, non-regular services (eg. catered meal, package handling, event hosting, etc)?
  • Can the customer manage multiple locations through the platform?
  • Is the software available in multiple languages (for both owners and members)?
  • Can customers easily sign up members or cancel contracts from the platform?
  • Can the members book spaces (conference rooms, event spaces, etc...) through the platform?
  • Can customers edit membership contracts at any time?

Help and Documentation

  • Does the company offer help with system set up? (Is there an onboarding process?)
  • Does it offer online support?
  • Can customers chat, either with a bot or a live representative?
  • Can the customer easily export data in a csv or Excel sheet?


  • Can the software be integrated with other services?
  • Does the software integrate with other apps, and if so, how many integrations does the software have?
  • Can the customer customize the management platform with their own brand/company colors?
  • Can the customer create customized membership plans? (i.e. daily/weekly/monthly/yearly memberships
  • Can the members create their own profiles on the platform?
  • Does the platform offer a whitelabel customization?


  • Cost per member?
  • Cost per location?
  • Cost per month?
  • Does the platform offer custom set-up for the payment system?

Lead Generation and Data 

  • Does the software help identify leads (potential customers)?
  • Can the customer create and distribute marketing or lead generating emails from the platform?
  • Does the software provide data analysis or business analytics?


  • Can the customer communicate with their coworking members through the software (email notifications, in-app messages, or chat?)
  • Does the customer receive notifications when members violate the terms of their contract?
  • Can the customer send mass emails of newsletters to their members through the software?
  • Can the coworking members communicate or network with others through the software? (In other words, is the software customer-facing as well as internal?)

Mobile Optimization

  • Does the software have a mobile interface for the customer? (Can it be managed from a phone?)
  • Does the software have a member-facing mobile app?

We assigned points for every feature offered among the above criteria and then ranked each company accordingly. We also took into consideration previous interviews and recent updates given to us by the companies themselves.

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