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Transforming a Small Office

A breakdown of the simplest steps needed to turn a small office into a coworking space

Angela Baker
Angela Baker
Choosing the Right WiFi
Renin Roy
Find Your Target Customers
Ashley Davis
How to Identify Leads
Kait Hobson
Wall Murals for Coworking
Joe Robison

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Setting Up

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7 Conference Table Designs

Here are a few design ideas to inspire the conference room set up of your coworking space

Tech for Coworking Spaces
Attracting Digital Nomads
Guest Writer
Luxurious Coworking Spaces
Yifu Huang
Apps For Coworking
Junel Seet


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The Power of Member Experience

Find out what member experience really means, why it’s important and how you can improve it.

Rebecca Konsolos
Rebecca Konsolos
Let's Talk Software
Ashley Davis
Health and Safety Concerns
Holly Shaw
Inspire Your Coworking Content
Sarah Richards
Signs It's Time to Upgrade
Amanda Fanoun

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Technology as a Catalyst
Alberto Di Risio
Thriving In Smaller Markets
Junel Seet
Access Control vs Smart Locks
Alberto Di Risio
Offering More Value
Junel Seet
Protecting Network Security
Junel Seet

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