The 8 Best Coworking Spaces for Tech Startups

Startups in the information technology sector have special needs in coworking spaces: they need space to create their prototypes, special devices like 3D printers or lasers. They are also interested in different events and workshops than other startups. It is important for them to network with other technology startups to create corporations. That is why it makes sense for tech startups to join coworking spaces that have specialised in tech startups.

The Best Coworking Spaces for Tech Startups


Galvanize has 9 coworkings space locations in Austin, Boulder, Denver, Fort Collins, New York, Phoenix, San Francisco and Seattle. More than 700 companies are members at Galvanize. Galvanize is not only a coworking space but also a community that offers education and networking for students, startups and large companies.


SomaCentral has three locations in San Francisco and Oakland. It focusses on tech startups. Instagram is one of many successful SomaCentral alumni. They provide space for networking and creative work so that small and large tech companies can grow and keep growing.

New Lab

New Lab is a coworking space that is located in an old military hub. Now there is space for 350 tech engineers, designers and entrepreneurs that work in the tech industry. New Lab offers prototyping shops where members can produce their prototypes and products. That is why New Lab is perfect for hardware oriented companies, design companies and tech companies.

Rocket Space

Rocket Space is not an average coworking space. They have resources of mentors and tech startups can get in contact with them so they can make the best out of their company. Collaborations with other companies are also possible at Rocket Space. For example Uber and Spotify are Rocket Space alumni. The space is based in San Francisco.


TechSpace has three Locations are in New York, one is in LA, two are in Orange County, one is in San Francisco and one is in Austin. They focus on technology companies at their coworking space and provide a platform for them to become successful.


TechHub is a coworking space that only accepts members that are working in the tech industry. They host events, advice sessions and other workshops for tech startups. The benefits that members get are especially the community and the events. Each member is working in the technology industry and they can get advice from the other companies. The events are also tuned to tech startups. They have locations in Bangalore, Bucharest, London, Madrid, Riga, Swansea and Warsaw. The fee differs from location to location. It is possible to pay monthly and annually.


extraSlice offers a basic membership for $45, a desk membership for $220 and an office membership starting at $499 for technology companies. They offer services in different areas as marketing, engineering etc. and a career school for students that want to work in the IT industry. They are located in Bellevue, Washington.


HackerLab has 2 locations: one in Sacramento and one in Rocklin. They offer coworking, mentorship and education and training for technology startups and companies. A coworking membership starts at $74.99 per month. They also offer memberships for students.

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