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Creative Blueprint provides independent management and consulting services, specializing in:  the coworking movement, business development, community building, economic development, fundraising, the sharing economy, entrepreneurship, the independent & remote workforce, shared workspace, social innovation, accessibility, workplace design, multi-use space, creative partnerships and regional alliances.

For the past 15 years, Creative Blueprint has inspired a global network of catalysts and change makers, working in partnership with neighbourhood residents, unions, collectives, developers, community organizations, policy makers, activists and all levels of government to build bridges and to shape the new work landscape.

Founder Ashley Proctor collaborates with other industry experts and leaders, and works with directly with clients to craft a 'Creative Blueprint' for each project.

Ashley helps innovative organizations and collectives thrive, and she ensures her clients achieve their vision as well as meaningful social impact, through authentic engagement with the local community.

Extra: Ashley Proctor travels internationally to speak about the coworking movement, transformation and social impact while consulting and collaborating on impactful, multi-dimensional projects with creative community builders from around the world. Need help? Want to collaborate? Visit

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