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I have been performing market feasibility and business modeling projections for commercial real estate developers and coworking entrepreneurs since 2014.  I have worked on over 3 dozen coworking projects throughout the US, Asia, and Central America. As a consultant for larger spaces, I understand what makes cities adopt coworking faster than others, trends in office allocations, and alternative business models that have succeeded.

Since 2010, I have been an owner and operator of coworking spaces in Canada and the US. I started my coworking spaces to be a hub for the local community. I believe coworking spaces can be economic drivers for small to medium size cities by encouraging and empowering people to take remote jobs.  I love helping new spaces open to help spread the coworking mission.

Expert Advice

Impactful KPIs for Coworking Spaces


Ed Blunderfield, a strategist at Optix, shares how to plan and implement effective key performance indicators (KPIs) for your coworking business.

Expert Opinion:

“Make sure you’ve assigned an owner to each KPI to ensure nothing is missed and to help create a sense of ownership and engagement around the entire process. This will often lead to opportunities for improvement, as each team member begins working more closely with their respective indicators and begins to uncover challenges and opportunities to tweak or re-frame the approach.”
Alberto Di Risio
Alberto Di Risio
Alberto is a coworking enthusiast and acquisition marketing manager at Kisi.

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