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HWL is the first European consultancy specialized in coworking and coliving. Our team of experts has been working for more than 8 years in the new models of collaborative economy. Our mission is to help people and corporations to adopt these new models in their companies, without assuming the risk of doing it without market insights. Currently, we have the experience and structure necessary to provide consulting services in the development of coworking spaces, coliving and hybrid offices, as well as the design of operations management.


Coworking Development

Our goal is to help owners, real estate agents, professionals and entrepreneurs transform their assets into living and social workspaces that adapt to the needs of the coworking model. We maximize your income per square meter while you learn to manage a successful entrepreneurial and social ecosystem.

Business audit for operators

We help detect the problems that active coworking and coliving spaces may suffer. We carry out a complete analysis of the business strategy and operations, as well as your value proposition, accompanied by a detailed plan of recommendations that will improve the management, services and economic results of the company.

Coliving and Hotel Coworking Development

We accompany real estate companies to offer flexible housing options, including common areas to coexist in the community such as gyms, shared kitchens, lounges, coworking spaces, among others. We jointly define a successful coliving model, which creates a warm and flexible experience, and allows people to live, work and socialize at the same time.

We also help hospitality companies to integrate coworking as a key part of their corporate strategy: improving customer service, creating workspaces and new meeting areas, attracting new clients and increasing the business’ revenue. If your company is a hotel, an apartment hotel, a gym, an airport, a shopping center or a social club, you can participate in this market.

Nexudus Configuration and Deployment

Training for the management of the tool and knowledge of all its functions.

Configuration of the account with the characteristics of the space and introduction of the existing data.

Customization of all the existing features in Nexudus according to the needs of the coworking business.


They have been collaborating in a sort of coworking projects in the US, South America, Emirates, Africa, and Europe, building up work and life balance and delivering successfully entrepreneurial ecosystems and sustainable businesses projects worldwide.

Their clients include: Fira Barcelona (a hub of 6.000 sqm in Barcelona), Aspasios Apartments (hotel coworking in Barcelona and Madrid), Factory 103 (Coworking space of 1.200 sqm in Barcelona), Cape Town Office (Coworking space of 1.100 sqm in Cape Town), Coworkidea (coworking space of 700 sqm in Barcelona), Kubik (coworking space of 900 sqm in Barcelona), Betahaus (coworking space of 1,700 sqm in Barcelona), VIOS (coworking space of 2.000m2 in Athens), IQwork (coworking space of 1.200 sqm in Mexico), Elever Center (medical coworking of 750 sqm in Panama), etc.

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