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We are a hand-on international consulting agency committed to the results of our clients.
HWL mission is to help corporations,  real estate companies and/or entrepreneurs to embrace new models of work and live through our knowledge, experience, methodology and tools.
We have been working on the coworking industry for more than 8 years, collaborating in a sort of coworking projects, building up work & life balance and delivering successfully entrepreneurial ecosystems and sustainable businesses projects worldwide. Some of our clients are: Fira Barcelona (a hub of 6.000m2), Aspasios Apartments (hotel coworking), Factory 103 (Coworking space of 1.200m2), Cape Town Office (Coworking space of 1.100m2), Coworkidea (coworking space of 700m2) and Kubik (coworking space of 900m2).

Extra: HWL consultants are Vanessa Sans and Jordi Subiras. We both have been working in the coworking indrusrty for over 8 years. Jordi Subiras founded Betahaus in 2011; a reference in the coworking industry since then. Vanessa Sans founded Transforma  in 2012 and has been running the Coworking Europe and Coworking Spain conferences since 2013, the Coworking Africa Conference since 2015 and Coworking India Conference since 2016.

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