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andcards was developed as a way to revolutionize work cultures. As a multinational company, andcards helps to manage and automate workspaces. 

andcards Suite is a coworking space software that aims to boost profit in one easy-to-use package. Through andcards’ software, you can manage a meeting room booking system, handle in-payments, and make branded iOS and Android mobile apps. andcards sets itself apart from other coworking software companies due to its simple features that deliver a reliable product. 

andcards has won multiple awards, including “People’s Choice Startup” at IT Arena, ASIABEAT Seoul 2017, Infinity Challenge at Startup Festival 2017, and Best Demo at the Global Startup Expo. 

What are its main features?

andcards main features include: 


  • Add a hot desk, private office, day pass, or fixed-desk membership plan
  • Monitor the number of desks and offices available at a coworking space 
  • Customize plans for amount and length of time
  • Variety of payment options include free hour credits, bank cards, and cash 

Events and Bookings

  • Meeting room management
  • Provides overbooking and accidental booking deletions
  • Uses push notifications to remind users about upcoming bookings and abandoned bookings
  • Book through mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Admins can book for any member

Member Onboarding

  • Admins or members can add a new profile

Access Control Systems

  • Prevent unauthorized uses
  • Ensure equal access
  • Can connect customers directly to access control system
  • Integrates with a variety of access control systems 

Mobile and Tablet Apps (Android and iOS)

  • Build mobile apps with your coworking branding 

White-label functionality

  • Create a branded mobile app with your coworking logo 

Members directory

  • Organize coworking members and teams quickly
  • Help keep track of who has paid for what service
  • Manage access privileges
  • Can publish or hide meeting directory to all members; allowing them to connect with each other


  • Available 24/7, 365 days a year


  • Supports benefit application data and invoice data
  • Allows for easy data export into Excel format

Difference between other coworking tools

Cost-effectiveness is one of the biggest differences between andcards and other coworking software. No matter how many members are added, regardless of whether it is 100 or 1,000, the price will stay at $29 per meeting per month. More locations can be added, and you can allow members to use credits at other locations if they wish. 

andcards also features a very user-friendly interface that will take care of all of your needs in the workspace such as bookings, membership, directory, feed, and benefits. andcards is working on creating an automatic billing feature at the moment, and it is expected to be realized soon. For now, customers can pay their invoices all at once at the end of the month, or choose to pay as they go. 


andcards is still growing, and has several key integrations including Kisi, for access control; Google Calendar, for bookings; Stripe, for payments; Intercom, for communication; and more. 

The coworking software is compatible with various access control systems and can help you register access cards, unlock doors, and prevent authorized meeting room access. Contact andcards directly to see if your access control system is compatible with their software. 


andcards is perfect for growing coworking spaces that need an affordable option. Customers can choose between two plans:

  • Basic (starts at $26.10/month if billed annually) includes unlimited members and teams, meeting room booking system, credit system, member management, Kiosk room display apps, and native mobile apps under andcards brand. This plan is best for small single branch coworking spaces that are just starting.
  • Standard (starts at $116.10/month if billed annually) includes everything in Basic plus integrations (Stripe, Mailchimp, Intercom, printers, ACS), benefit catalog, white-labeled web, and mobile apps, multi-branch support. This plan is best for growing workspaces that have two or more branches and are already thinking about building a brand.

Customers can pay through credit cards, banks cards, or cash, and the software is integrated with Stripe.

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