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Spacebring was created to help coworking space operators build a perfect work environment for their customers. Focused on member experience, Spacebring strikes a good balance between ease of use and productivity.

Of course, Spacebring offers multiple end-to-end coworking space solutions for administration. Using Spacebring platform, managers can automate most of their workflows by letting members book meeting rooms and desks, pay with credits, cards, or other connected methods, communicate and get workspace updates, discover and apply for benefits, services, and events, and contact support using branded iOS and Android web and mobile apps. Spacebring sets itself apart from other coworking management systems due to its member-first approach that results in an easy-to-use and highly engaging experience.

Main Solutions of the Platform

SPACE — the quickest way to book a room or a desk

Meeting Room Booking

Customers instantly find rooms available for booking, schedule time, pay for the booking and get reminders of upcoming reservations. Meeting room display mode is built into the main app for ad hoc booking and checking meeting room availability at a distance.

Desk Booking

A simple way for customers (both members and non-members) to discover, book, and pay for a day of work in the open space. Another potential use case is the so-called “hybrid” office, when a large company rents small office space, with employees taking turns to visit.

andcard UI

MEMBER SERVICE — Make it easy to discover and get your services

Stream communication feed

Your own branded communication and newsfeed channel that offers all goodies of social media (likes, shares, comments to posts, image sliders, video embed, rich links, text formats, hashtags, emoji, etc.) but is available exclusively to your community, which makes your updates, invitations to events or happy hours, news and announcements visible to members.

Services marketplace

An instrument to upsell coworking space members with additional services. Residents easily find all available services, apply, and pay for them in a tap.

Benefit catalog

A virtual showcase to list your workspace benefits where tenants can browse special offers, perks, and discounts on partner services and easily apply for them.

Events management

A curated feed to promote events at your coworking space. Allows members to easily discover upcoming events, get all necessary details and join if interested. Members are notified of their upcoming events and get a nice event pass to register attendance.

Visitor check-in

A fully operational visitor management system that lets members preregister their guests to speed up their check-in at the reception tablet, logs visit details, and collects visitors data for your further marketing campaigns.

andcards event streaming

ADMINISTRATION — Automate operations and put your data to work

Community catalog

Organize members’ and organizations’ data in a single place. Set up and manage membership plans using the web or mobile applications.

Member support

A comprehensive ticketing system built into the main app that helps members share feedback and communicate issues. Administrators use the toolset to quickly resolve those issues before they become problems.

Billing and payments

The system automatically generates bills that include recurring and one-off fees. In addition to manual bill payments by customers, andcards allows for an automatic payment collection. Every month’s bill total is charged to the default payment method a member or a company has on file. This dramatically reduces the hassle of chasing customers with delinquent bills.

Business performance analytics

Reporting and analytics system that collects all vital space utilization, payment, and member engagement data and visualizes it on easy to comprehend pre-built dashboards helping managers make informed data-driven strategic decisions.


Spacebring has dozens of integrations with other tools that help you build a comprehensive tech stack at your coworking space.

For instance:

  • Google Analytics for tracking
  • Google Calendar for bookings
  • Stripe for payments
  • Intercom for communication
  • ezeep for printing
  • Zapier for automation, and more

In terms of access control, Spacebring integration with Kisi is one of the most advanced among the coworking space platforms we reviewed. Not only can Spacebring sync members to Kisi at a workspace level, but it also does so based on a membership plan, so only paying members can unlock doors.

andcards Kisi integrations

Speaking of unlocking, Spacebring builds upon the power of Kisi API to enable in-app unlocking from within the andcards web and mobile apps. Members don’t even need to create a Kisi account or download the Kisi app — Spacebring automates the entire process. This is because andcards supports Kisi’s newer Organization model for enhanced security and user experience.

Customer Support

Spacebring customer support can be called top-notch, 80% of 5-star company reviews praise it on TrustPilot. Unlimited hours of support are included in each package. You don’t pay a cent for support via 24/7 responsive chat and email. Besides, you get a personal account executive to assist with training and integration.

What Makes Spacebring Different?

Member-first user experience through technology

Spacebring is unique in its approach to member experience at a coworking space as this is critical for coworking business success. They provide technology to create a member-first experience where automation makes members self-sufficient and community features bring them together.

Outstanding mobile apps

The most powerful but yet simple mobile apps allow coworking spaces to embrace the era of mobility in full and become platform-agnostic. No matter, web or mobile, you and your members can access full Spacebring functionality from any platform. No limited mobile versions: administrate your coworking space from the device of your choice.

Simplicity of use

Spacebring platform features UI that doesn’t need explanation. All apps are designed using iOS and material design guidelines and are intuitive for users on both platforms.


Spacebring is perfect for growing coworking spaces that need a complete off-the-shelf solution at a modest price. If paid annually, its pricing starts at $133/month (annual) for up to 100 active members (non active members such as visitors are not counted). The package includes all features and integrations listed above—booking and billing systems, member, events, and visitors management, room display mode, unlimited locations, unlimited chat, and email support, progressive branded web app, and native andcards mobile apps.

Pricing gets particularly interesting when you scale: for example, running 3 locations with 500 active members in total would start from $469/month, which is lower than most alternatives.

Customers can pay with credit or debit cards (monthly) and a bank transfer option is available for annual subscriptions.

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