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Archie Coworking Software Review

Archie makes it easier to manage the operations of your coworking space while also providing a clean, streamlined white-label app for members to book rooms, connect with one another, make payments, and get help from your team, all in one place. It is built to match the quality of proprietary software used by the largest operators and the app comes with a clean and intuitive design.

Archie stands out from other coworking management software platforms for its focus on eliminating stress around billing operations and giving your members a great workspace experience. Automated invoicing designed around your members’ needs and automatic payment reminders make it easier for you to focus on providing extraordinary service for your members, without worrying about tracking down payments.

Archie main features include:

Bookings and events

  • Members can book spaces on-demand from anywhere
  • Manage meeting rooms, desk check-in, and event spaces
  • Give members the option to order additional services, from snacks, cleaning services, and amenities
  • Organize and promote events, including ticket purchases and event registration, right from the app
  • Rent at hourly or daily rates
  • Set separate pricing for members and non-members


  • Send alerts, messages, and announcements directly through the app or via email
  • Members can access the Help Desk for support
  • Set up a support ticket system or allow members to contact your team directly
  • Partner with local businesses and offer in-app deals to members

Billing and payments

  • Automated billing
  • Set up invoicing rules based on membership plans
  • Send bulk invoices
  • In-app payment and auto-charge capabilities
  • Automated notifications and reminders for members
  • Easily sync invoices with your accounting software for up-to-date records
  • Exportable transaction and accounting reports

Member onboarding

  • Assign membership agreements in as little as one click
  • Easily allow contracts to expire, extend, or change
  • Sell memberships as daily, weekly, or monthly plans

Member view

  • Access a member directory and build relationships
  • Stay updated with the newsfeed
  • Messaging capabilities
  • Access to your workspace’s rules, guidelines, and layout

Access Control

  • Inbound mail and package management
  • Notify members when mail and packages arrive for them

Lead management

  • Let prospective members access your space inventory and services online
  • Accounts created automatically, no staff assistance needed
  • Offer day passes, conference rooms, services, and event bookings
  • Easily send quotes to prospective clients via email
  • Have contracts signed and submitted through the platform

Mobile app

  • Available for Android, iOS, MacOS, and Windows

Why we love Archie

  • Their CRM and task board provide a complete 360 view on what needs attention quickly and their strong back-end will make sure that things like lead management, billing, contract signature, communications, finances are all automated.
  • They nailed the member experience with their app allowing members to buy services, book desks and rooms, get relevant notifications or open tickets when needed, bringing that wow effect when members use it.
  • It makes the conversion and data collection of prospects to clients a smooth process with short and intuitive check-out flows, embedded widgets and e-signature.

Difference From Other Coworking Tools

Archie offers an end to end coworking space technology suite, including a non-branded mobile workspace app, basic onboarding setup and training, unlimited access to their integrations, an organizational entity for multiple locations, and unlimited live-chat support.

Archie’s clean interface is extremely user-friendly, making it a great experience for both office operations managers and workspace members alike. It’s also very cost effective, with a flat monthly rate per location up to 70 members and a low price for adding additional members to your plan.However, Archie does have fewer native integrations than some of its competitors. It’s offer to custom build integrations and the ability to create your own with Zapier, though, allow users to easily streamline management processes through the workspace management software.

API & Integrations

Archie helps you make the most of your coworking space with integrations for billing, security, push leads, printing, wifi networks, and productivity applications. It also offers custom built integrations to assist with any processes you might need.

For apps that aren’t natively integrated, Archie gives you the ability to create your own integrations with Zapier to further streamline your operations.

Integration possibilities include:

  1. Accounting: Quickbooks, Zero
  2. Payment gateways: Stripe, Paypal, Braintree,, GoCardless
  3. Door Access: Kisi, Salto KS
  4. Printing: Ezeep
  5. Wifi Network: IronWifi, Cisco Meraki, Ubiquity Networks, Aruba
  6. Productivity: Google Calendar, Slack


Archie’s easy-to-understand pricing allows you to effortlessly scale your coworking business. For $99/month per location, you have access to all of Archie's features and can host up to 100 members on the platform. This is actually the lowest starter price out of the solutions we have surveyed, making it an incredible value for both new businesses and fast-growing ones.

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