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Created by a Kyoto-based Cocon Startups LLC, Coworkify embodies the Japanese practical approach to work and simplicity. Achieve efficiency effortlessly as the software is highly intuitive and has a simple user-friendly design.


Some of the features you get by implementing Coworkify include:

  • Bookings and resources management. This enables users to instantly book rooms, view available facilities real-time, etc. You as a manager do not have to do anything as the software automatically issues an invoice on your behalf.
  • Member management allows users to register themselves. The tool automatically welcomes new members onboard. Administrators can import and export member lists, create customized notes for each member, approve of new users and send e-mails directly from the CMS.
  • Automated invoicing. Coworkify creates invoices and sends them to members automatically, so there is no need for an administrator to interfere.
  • Landing page for your space. Create a professional-looking frontend website that will attract members to your shared workplace.
  • High level of security. All communication between an app and your browser is encrypted. No credit card information can be accessed or stored by Coworkify because online payments are done using reliable third-party providers. The software is hosted on Amazon Web Services across the world.
  • Customization. You can add features that you need, be it a help navigation, a footer text or your own chat widget.
  • APIs are available for developers and can be used to adapt to your company’s needs.
  • Multiple locations. You can run a few coworking spaces using one account.

Differences between other tools

Apart from simplicity, there is another thing that makes Coworkify stand out from the crowd of the competitors – its adaptability. Members can pay for the service using a credit card, by cheque and even in cash. Although all the invoicing is done automatically, an administrator can alternatively create an invoice manually for guests or one-off members.

An option of partial payments is also available. This enables members to use various payment methods.

Coworkify is currently available in 10 languages including English, Japanese, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, German, Arabic and Russian. In case you need your CMS in another language the software developer is eager to expand to new markets and create a new version based on your translation.


Coworkify Pricing
Coworkify Pricing

Pricing is another reason to choose Coworkify. Compared to Nexudus and Cobot, the software management tool has the best deal, as its subscription plan starts from $29 per month (for up to 14 users). Paying only $99 you can manage a coworking space of up to 80 members. And with a monthly fee of $200, the number of members in your shared workplace can be unlimited. Coworkify offers a 30-day trial version of their services without the need to submit credit card details.

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