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Coworks App Review

Coworks offers numerous features across their multi-platform software: Coworks Mobile, Coworks Admin, Coworks Booking, and Coworks FrontDesk are all part of the Coworks package. These four platforms work seamlessly together to help coworking space managers automate processes and get more done in less time.

Created by coworking space managers and members themselves, Coworks has everything its users might need, making it one of the top coworking space management software choices.

Coworks main features include:

Bookings and events

  • Easily organize events for members and keep track of them in your app’s event calendar
  • Members can book spaces on-demand from anywhere, using a phone or tablet
  • Manage meeting rooms, desk check-in, and event spaces
  • Rent out space or sell empty desks to non-members


  • Send alerts, messages, and announcements directly through the app or via email or text
  • Easily update resources for members to access through your mobile app
  • Connect seamlessly with members, and allow them to connect with one another, through your white label app

Billing and payments

  • Automated invoicing and billing
  • In-app payment and auto-charge capabilities
  • Automated notifications and reminders for members
  • Paper-free invoicing for non-members
  • Track revenue and metrics through admin dashboard

Member onboarding

  • Easily allow contracts to expire, extend, or change
  • Can manage members across multiple locations

Member view

  • White label app allows you to customize your mobile app
  • Access your space’s rules, guidelines, and how-tos in the app resource hub
  • Access a member directory to engage with others in the space

Access Control

  • Self check-in through Coworks FrontDesk
  • Visitors can check in and ping staff or other members from the FrontDesk app
  • Keyless entry for members

Lead management

  • Integrates lead generation and notifies staff when leads arrive for tours
  • Leads can download your white-lable Coworks app and pay for a membership immediately
  • Have contracts signed and submitted through the platform
  • View and manage all your leads in the admin dashboard
  • Guests can make a tour request from the FrontDesk app

Mobile app

  • Available for Android and iOS

Difference from other coworking tools

Coworks intuitive multi-platform software offers four separate but seamless applications to help you manage your coworking space. This makes it easy to track KPIs and revenue, invoice both members and non-members, and alert members about anything and everything.

Coworks emphasizes the community aspect of a coworking space, making it easy for you to stay connected with your members and ensure they’re enjoying their experience. App features like the member directory, event calendar, and resource hub help keep members in the loop and feeling connected with one another and your brand. Plus, Coworks provides unique lead generation strategies through their FrontDesk app, allowing visitors to schedule tours and you to capture leads with the push of a button.

One downside to Coworks compared to other coworking space management software competitors is that it only allows for custom software integrations with its enterprise package.

API & Integrations

Coworks lets you build custom integrations with their “Enterprise” package, which includes custom software integrations.


Coworks offers a flat fee based on features, rather than on a per-member basis, which is different from most alternatives. Along with their flat fee for your package choice, they charge a $99 fee for each additional location you manage with their software. This means you can choose the package that best meets your needs, which simplifies budgeting as your business scales; you’ll always know how much it will cost to add features or to manage a new location.

The “Essentials” plan is $149/month (if billed yearly), +$99/month for each additional campus. The “Premium” plan costs $249/month, +$99/month for each additional campus. Additional features offered in the premium plan include white-label app capabilities, automated billing and invoicing, leads CRM, push notifications, and analytics and data tracking. You can also contact Coworks to discuss the “Enterprise” plan, which includes 500+ members and custom software integration.

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