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Coworking spaces are diverse, creative, and revolutionary compared to the stereotypically bland offices of the past, but managing the many moving parts of a shared workspace can be difficult. As the coworking office manager, do you ever feel like tedious administrative tasks take up the majority of your time instead of what matters: growing your community? Don’t worry if this is the truth: with Habu, it doesn’t have to be.

Habu is a shared workspace management software that’s built to automate a variety of administrative tasks, allowing you to take back control of your schedule as coworking manager and focus on expanding your network and improving the shared workspace. Whether you’re dealing with membership, management, or billing, simplicity is at the core of all of Habu’s features, making the system easy to use. Don’t let tedious administrative tasks distract you from your mission as coworking manager anymore — with Habu your job (and everyone else’s) might be easier.

Main Features

Habu’s features geared toward the members of your space make their jobs more enjoyable, which directly benefits the entirety of your coworking community. The Habu User Area is a customizable dashboard that allows members to see an overview of their account and access any of the services you offer from any device. Through the user-friendly dashboard, members can check-in to the office, book meeting rooms, purchase day passes, look up miscellaneous information about the workspace, switch shared office locations, and check their remaining allowances for the month.

Habu also features a Community Discovery feature that allows the members of the coworking community to get a brief overview of all other members’ jobs and contributions to the office. The collaborative nature of coworking is best harnessed when the space can effectively facilitate the exchange of knowledge and services among the members, and Habu’s community discovery feature is geared toward exactly that. Your coworking space can thrive off of an uplifting, creative energy when the members of the space are encouraged to communicate and rely on one another.

Habu’s plan management features bring clarity to certain day-to-day operations that shouldn’t take up your time. As the manager, you’re responsible for handling membership plans, and Habu makes it easy to create new plans, refresh old ones, and offer customized membership plans on a member-by-member basis. The customization capabilities allow you to combine any mix of meeting room and hotdesk allowances, and an automated billing feature will prevent you from ever losing track of a late payment again.

Habu emphasizes efficient hotdesk management by tracking minute-by-minute usage and allowing members to book ahead, buy day passes, and perform self check-ins. While members and non-members can easily access the services and products your coworking space offers through the Habu Store, you still have control over who can buy what and when they will pay, which keeps some of the more important administrative power within your jurisdiction.


Payments may frequently require attention in a coworking space, but Habu is dedicated to removing the fuss from billing. Not only is Habu’s invoicing system accurate, automatic, and transparent, but it also automatically provides first-month proration on all membership plans (if that’s what you want) and allows members to make automated online payments, avoiding any potential billing mishaps or errors. Failproof invoices should be standard by now, and Habu clearly understands this with its automated, user-friendly billing services. Habu’s software allows you to manage member subscriptions in a member-by-member style so you can adjust billing cycles, activation fees, and discounts. The membership engine also allows you to customize proration and add-on pricing at the membership level, as well as change membership plans.

Integrations and Pricing

Habu regularly adds integrations to ensure that your account connects with other popular platforms that may be used in your office, making the transition to using the software seamless. Habu just released integrations with Ezeep, a printer management software, and Zapier, which allows you to connect Habu with a handful of apps, and integrations with OpenPath, Mailchimp, Slack, and Kisi, a cloud-based access keyless control system, are currently in the works. The pricing, too, reflects Habu’s emphasized theme of simplicity: the software costs $1 per person, and $20 per location. This proportionate pricing model ensures that smaller coworking spaces with only a handful of members aren’t paying the same rate as much larger coworking networks.

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