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Nexudus software is about managing coworking offices and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) for shared spaces.

A few of the specific advantages and characteristics of the Nexudus white-label software include affordable monthly subscriptions, extensive integrations with over 100 payment processors, and three apps for managing various software features on various devices. It is based on a monthly subscription for active members and service fees for drop-ins, and it can be canceled at any time.

The founders developed the coworking idea in 2010 and currently work with over 1500 coworking spaces in 56 countries.

What are its main features?

Nexudus main features include:


  • Automatic payment and invoicing
  • Reminders
  • Weekly, monthly, yearly renewal plans
  • Integrations with >100 payment processors

Events and Bookings

  • Meeting room management
  • Flexible pricing system based on the type of membership, room type, and length
  • Self-serviced bookings
  • Calendar integration (Google, NexBoard and Passport apps by Nexudus)
  • Event and ticket creation (variate events by activity and use discount codes)

Member Onboarding

  • Customize signup form that stores data directly in the database
  • Members customize memberships, buy add-ons, and store card details
  • Contract creation and e-signature for managing contracts with digital signatures
  • Single Contact Database
  • Members and contacts can share details.
  • Create your own database with customizable fields.


  • Keep track of visitors and guests and manage tours
  • Delegate visitor management to members
  • Automatic information of visitors about the venue amenities
  • Keep track of leads and sales from a drag-and-drop interface
  • Automatic task assignment in each stage

Email Monitoring

  • Keep email records on the member account
  • Send messages from the email panel
  • Create newsletters for groups using Mailchimp and other integrations

Access Control Systems

  • WiFi/network check-in for automatic Internet and physical access
  • Issue time-limited codes for drop-ins
  • Integrations with various access control systems, using mobiles, PINs, fingerprints.
  • Define access levels

Virtual community features

  • Members directory
  • Discussion boards and feed
  • Helpdesk features
  • Surveys

Hybrid workplace solutions

  • Desk and meeting room booking
  • Visitor management
  • White label tenants portal & app
  • Digital signature solution

Mobile and Tablet apps (Android and iOS)

  • Bookings and payments from a smartphone

White-label functionality

  • Crucial for maximum customization on the user-end

Members directory

  • Option to make profiles public, share with others, filter by skills
  • Create community boards and discussion groups


  • Problem reporting and resolution by department


  • Over 100 reports in PDF and Excel format
Nexudus Reporting Formats
‍Nexudus offers hundreds of reporting formats

Difference between other coworking tools

Nexudus is a comprehensive multi-purpose solution with a rich palette of specialized features.

Compared to OfficeR&D, which is a bit more complex, Nexudus’ simple interface is user-friendly and easier to track. Cost-effectiveness is one of its top advantages: it’s 10 to 15 percent cheaper than most of the competitors, offering a sliding scale calculator to estimate fees for each new member.

Compared to Optix, which has over 1,000 software integrations, Nexudus has fewer integration options and can pair up only with the payment gateways (+100).

Compared to Coworkify, it’s a bit less affordable for smaller groups. For example, it costs $42 per month for 25 members, but as the member number goes up, the individual fee comes down, so the fee for 200 members is $230 per month. On the other hand, Optix has a multilingual support (currently only in English in Japanese, but with an option to add more on request).

API and Integrations

Nexudus’ API is REST-based, where each resource has its own URL and isolated from the others. Therefore, the application must be available on the Internet, on any type of language or code, but it must be able to complete basic HTTP requests.

The API consists of the following 7 modules:

  1. Billing. Contains charges for users made by the app or third-parties.
  2. Community. Data collected from the community boards and groups.
  3. Content. Data created from blog content and newsletters.
  4. MRM. The acronym stands for Member Relationship Management. It contains data and information about your members.
  5. Spaces. Contains data about members profiles, bookings or resources.
  6. Support. Data related to the support features.
  7. System. Data from Nexudus core services.

Nexudus integrations include over a hundred payment processors and multiple other integrations in the following categories:

Nexudus Integrations
Nexudus can be integrated with door access control solutions‍
  • Access ControlKisi
  • Printing Management: Ezeep, Papercut, Linux and Novell.
  • Accounting: Xero and Quickbooks (planned)
  • Payment Providers: Stripe, GoCardless,, Paypal.
  • WiFi Network/Check-in: Mikrotik, Cisco Meraki, Radius
  • Visitor Management: Envoy, NexBoard (Nexudus-owned app)
  • Community: Bisner, Recomazing
  • Zapier (integration tools) and Liquidspace (renting office space)

Nexudus Spaces Pricing

Nexudus currently offers a 21-day free trial which is a great way to test the tool. The pricing for their coworking and flexible workspace solution is primarily based on the number of active users, and below you can see some examples:

  • 50 active members – $135 a month
  • 150 active members – $185 a month
  • 500 active members across 3 locations – $500 a month.

Non-active members are not calculated against the total number. Nexudus provides unlimited drop-ins.

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