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Optix Coworking Software Review and Pricing

Optix, a platform for coworking and flexible offices, is a mobile-first solution that puts users at the center of the workplace experience while giving workplace administrators the tools and insights to run and optimize their flexible and hybrid workplaces.

Optix powers leading coworking brands and businesses in over 25 countries with tools designed to meet the needs of today's flexible and hybrid work models. For administrators, Optix enables businesses to run and optimize their flexible workplaces. For users, Optix delivers the ultimate coworking experience – a mobile-first solution that connects them with the community, resources, and services of the workplace.

The Main Features

Optix is a white-labeled and customizable solution that modernizes coworking space management. The main features of the Optix coworking software include:

  • White-labeled native mobile apps (iOS and Android) to power the user experience
  • Real-time resource management, including the ability to book and assign any type of resource you’d like to offer (i.e. desk booking, meeting room booking, private office assignment, equipment booking, parking reservation, etc)
  • Custom resource types
  • Multi-location management, enabling members to access one, some, or all locations, and their respective resources and amenities, seamlessly through the app
  • Powerful CRM capabilities to manage your customer relationships
  • Flexible plans and access
  • Marketplace to market and sell products and services
  • Privileged access control of your space through the Kisi integration
  • Automated invoicing and payments
  • Community features such as direct messaging, push notifications, announcements, community feed, and events
  • Online, searchable directory of members to connect with
  • Data and analytics to enable business and workplace strategy decisions
  • Mobile and web-based user sign-up and onboarding
  • Web widgets such as tour scheduling
  • In-app issue reporting
  • Simplified check-ins
  • 3,000+ integrations
  • Developer platform and APIs to enable businesses to build custom capabilities and tools to connect all of their apps in one place
  • White-glove onboarding and dedicated support
  • And more

Differences Compared to Other Tools

The Optix team is focused on designing and developing innovative solutions that scale.

Optix is mobile-first which:

  • Enables clients to capture more wholistic data to enable smart insights and analytics
  • Provides an unparalleled user experience in forward-thinking work environments
  • Allows for a COVID-friendly, touchless solution
  • Is written entirely in native code for optimal performance and customizability

Optix uses modular technology and product architecture as well as an API-driven system design built to scale and power unique client needs. This unlocks higher levels of customization and the ability to easily turn features, apps, and integrations on and off. Optix also prioritizes security, with 100% SSL usage across the platform as well as PCI compliance.

Lastly, the Optix team is focused on providing superior support, onboarding, and success services. With a 99%+ support satisfaction rating, Optix takes a partnership approach in working with their clients and continually looks for ways to support them in their growth.

API & Integrations

Optix has a Developer Platform that enables its clients to create unique services and experiences to transform their coworking space. You can visit the Optix Developer Platform here.

Kisi also integrates with Optix through its API interface to provide automated physical access control powered by numerous wireless technologies.


Optix offers flexible and scalable pricing, whether you have one or many locations. The Essentials Plan starts at $199/month ($159 if billed annually) which includes one location, 50 users, access to all of the core features, and 1:1 white-glove onboarding. Although not the cheapest solution on the market, their pricing is designed to work even when you scale: for example if you manage 500 active users across 3 different locations, you'd be looking at $1,038/month (billed annually) which is about 50% cheaper per member compared to their entry pricing.

To learn more about the Essentials Plan as well as other available pricing plans for growing coworking or flexible office space providers, visit the Optix pricing page.

There is a trial period that provides you with access to the full experience for 14 days, with no credit card required.

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