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June 15, 2018
Optix coworking review

Optix Coworking Software Review and Pricing

Optix is coworking office space management software used to digitally manage the coworker access to the services and resources available in the workspace. It is also used to interconnect the entire team of colleagues on one single digital platform in real-time environment for professional collaboration. This software helps perform many office activities, such as:

  • Automatic check-in and check-out
  • Real time space and seat booking
  • Integration of multiple office locations
  • Real time monitoring and team collaboration
  • Automated physical access control
  • Data analysis and reports  

The Main Features

Optix coworking software is a cloud-based software solution for the enterprises with workspaces at one or more than one location. This is also good for multi-organizations to work together in smooth collaboration on different projects.

The main features of the Optix coworking software include:

  • Mobile app based comprehensive digital community
  • Real time booking of workspace, meeting halls and seats/desks
  • Live community feed of communication
  • Interactive events and announcements
  • Online directory of members to connect with
  • Powerful CRM capabilities to manage your customer relationship
  • Powerful data analytics to provide you with a deeper insight on your business processes to make data driven decision for your business  
  • Supports multiple locations and organizations to integrate
  • Automated billing and invoicing services
  • Powerful capabilities to integrate with over 1000 apps and tools through Zapier
  • Offers keyless physical access controls through the KISI access control system integration
  • Supports auto check-in and check-out
  • Real time monitoring of meetings
  • Flexible pricing schemes
  • Supports individual messaging as well as group messaging
  • Integrated ticket management and issue reporting
  • Supports privileged access control of your space through password privileges
  • Offers white label mobile app to customize as per your own workspace policy


Differences Between Other Tools

The Optix coworking software is mobile-first platform that is capable of handling many functions and activities, live from the white-label mobile dashboard. It also supports the web-based desktop platform for workspace and coworker management purposes. Another special feature about Optix is that it supports over 1000 applications and tools through Zapier interface.

API & Integrations

At present, Optix does not offer a public API to develop and integrate new applications and tools, but the technical team is investigating to offer a public API in the near future.However, Kisi integrates with Optix through its API interface to provide automated physical access control powered by numerous wireless technologies.

Optix integrations

Kisi Integration available for Optix. Learn more


Optix offers very flexible pricing plan based upon the requirements of the company. The basic plan starts at $199/month with 1 office location and 50 users.

  • Any additional user will be charged at $2/month
  • Any additional office location will be charged at $99/month

There is a 14 day trial period and 30 days disconnection notice period to unsubscribe from the services.

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