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Optix Coworking Software Review and Pricing

Optix is a platform that connects members with the community, resources, and services that their workplace has to offer. Optix is leveraging the latest in design and technology to create solutions that enable forward-thinking organizations to elevate their workplace experience.

Optix powers leading coworking spaces and enterprise organizations in over 25 countries. For managers, Optix provides a feature rich web-based dashboard to enable management teams to access all of the tools and data to drive their business operations. Additionally, through the Optix API platform, managers are able to build custom capabilities and tools.

For members, Optix delivers a delightful mobile-first solution that connects them with the community, resources, and services of the workplace.

This software helps streamline operations by performing key functions, such as:

  • Automatic check-in and check-out
  • Real-time space and desk booking
  • Automated billing and invoices
  • Mobile and web-based user sign-up and oboarding
  • Seamless integration of multiple office locations
  • Real-time monitoring and team collaboration
  • Automated physical access control through KISI access control system integration
  • Data analytics and reporting

The Main Features

Optix is a white-labeled and customizable solution that modernizes coworking space management. The main features of the Optix coworking software include:

  • Optix API platform that enables coworking businesses to build custom capabilities and tools to connect all of your apps in one place
  • White-labeled native mobile apps (iOS and Android) Real-time booking of workspaces, meeting rooms and seats/desks
  • Live community feed for members
  • Interactive events and announcements
  • Online directory of members to connect with
  • Powerful CRM capabilities to manage your customer relationship
  • Powerful data analytics to provide you with a deeper insight into your business performance and space utilization.
  • Supports multiple location management, enabling members to access one, some, or all locations seamlessly through the app.
  • Automated billing and invoicing services
  • Powerful capabilities to integrate with over 1,000 apps and tools through Zapier
  • Offers keyless physical access controls through the KISI access control system integration
  • Supports auto check-in and check-out
  • Prescense GPS to detect members that are in the building for check-in and analytics
  • Mobile and web-based member sign-up and onboarding
  • Real-time calendar booking management
  • Flexible pricing schemes
  • Supports individual messaging as well as group messaging
  • Integrated ticket management and issue reporting
  • Supports privileged access control of your space through KISI access control system integration
  • Customizable experience and features for members via the app
  • White-glove onboarding and dedicated support

Differences Between Other Tools

The Optix team is focused on designing and developing innovation solutions that scale:

  • The platform is built on a modern, robust system architecture with their mobile technology being written entirely in native code for optimal performance
  • They strive to capitalize on relevant new technologies and have adopted several modern server features
  • They prioritize security, with 100% SSL usage across the platform as well as PCI compliance
  • Their API-driven system design is built to scale while offering their partners greater flexibility
  • Combined with intuitive design frameworks that match their operating systems, the Optix mobile apps offers an unparalleled user experience in forward-thinking work environments

The Optix team is also commited to enhancing the end-user experience. They’ve worked hard to create intuitive and powerful solutions so that managers and members have more control of their work experience and are able to remove complexity from their existing workflows. They see mobile technology as an enabler of both productivity and community, and have created Optix to leverage this strength to elevate and enhance the way people work.

Lastly, the Optix team is focused on providing superior support and onboarding services. With a 99% support satisfaction rating, Optix takes a partnership approach in working with their clients and continually looks for ways to support them in their growth.

API & Integrations

Optix has a Developer Platform that enables it’s clients to create unique services and experiences to transform their coworking space. You can visit the Optix Developer Platform here.

Kisi also integrates with Optix through its API interface to provide automated physical access control powered by numerous wireless technologies.

Optix integrations


Optix offers simple and flexible plan based upon the requirements of the company. The basic plan starts at $199/month which includes 1 office location, 50 users, access to all of the Optix features, unlimited integrations, API access, and dedicated support. Top ups include:

  • Any additional user will be charged at $2/month
  • Any additional office location will be charged at $99/month

There is a 14 day trial period and 30 days disconnection notice period to unsubscribe from the services.

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