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Satellite Deskworks

Satellite Deskworks is a patented coworking software solution that automates workspace operations and empowers members and operators to do more. The comprehensive software is designed by veteran workspace operators who understand what it takes to run a profitable, sustainable coworking space.

Launched in 2012, Satellite Deskworks was built by the Satellite Centers team to power their seven locations across California. It is flexible, powerful, fast and highly customizable. Integration with leading workspace products, including Kisi, Greetly, Ezeep, Liquidspace, SphereMail and Salto makes Deskworks the choice of workspaces around the world. Satellite Deskworks was also awarded a patent for its comprehensive system, which includes monitoring and assessing usage for users from various means, comparing usage to what’s included in their plans, and auto-billing according to those plans. Automatic network check-in puts Satellite Deskworks in a class of its own.

They offer a robust mobile app that gives members and operators access to the full platform, and a meeting room app for easy management and tracking of meeting room reservations and use.

Satellite Deskworks powers workspaces ranging from small, independently owned and operated, up to scaled workspace brands with multiple locations.


Satellite Deskworks is flexible, cloud-based software designed to help space operators manage a profitable, sustainable coworking space, shared workspace or business center. The patented, comprehensive solution features network check-in, a user-friendly member portal, instant reporting with real-time information, interactive online reservation calendar, automated and reliable billing system, easy and flexible inventory setup, seamless scalability and much more.

Key advantages

Satellite Deskworks simply does what workspace teams need it to do. It is flexible, highly customizable, comprehensive and powerful. Designed by workspace operators with seven locations across California, it is a proven product and offers customer support that is second to none.

API and integrations

Satellite Deskworks easily integrates with workspace industry leading tools, including Kisi, Greetly, Ezeep, Liquidspace, SphereMail, CloudVO and Salto. Integrations are built into Deskworks so there’s no programming or complicated setup required.


Pricing for Satellite Deskworks coworking software starts at $65 per month with 15 members included and $1.40 per member after that.

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