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Workspace Geek Review

Workspace Geek is powered by Morningstar Software and while it has been on the market for some time, it started to get a lot of traction in past few years. They offer a complete solution for shared workspaces which includes a standalone visitor app and different space management features.

Workspace Geek main features include:

Space management

  • Floor plan
  • Electronic e-signature solution
  • Inventory management
  • Meeting room bookings
  • Desk booking


  • It offers a native leads management system
  • It also integrates with Hubspot

Access Control (via integrations)

  • Automates granting access to paying members and visitors
  • Time-based restrictions are easy to set

Visitor check-in

  • Simple check-in (via tablet app)
  • Notification of guests' arrivals

Delivery management

  • Automated notifications when packages arrive
  • Work for both staff and members

Network & VoIP Management

  • Phone and VoIP
  • Simple network management

Difference from other coworking tools

They offer standard support for all customers with an extremely fast turnaround, and in general customer relations are one of their strongest differentiation points.

API & Integrations

Among others, they offer integration with access control systems (including Kisi), accounting systems (like Quickbooks), and LiquidSpace to monetize meeting rooms by offering on the platform (which can also be combined with Kisi for a fully automated process that includes granting access to the room).


Their pricing is primarily user-based and is publicly available on their website. To give you a couple of examples, as of 2022 a space with 50 members would pay around $150/month while a larger space with 150 members would pay around $350/month.

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