Benefits of Renting Office Spaces by the Hour

Benefits of Renting Office Spaces by the Hour

As a business owner, you need to figure out the best method for renting office spaces for your company, which could be coworking spaces. The most common ways to rent coworking spaces are hourly, monthly, and daily, depending on the membership option. Hourly office spaces via coworking are the most flexible since you only pay for the time you need, while monthly memberships tend to be the most economical in terms of cost per hour. Daily rentals are another popular choice, particularly for those who are traveling for work.

Benefits of Renting Office Spaces by the Hour

Benefit: Enhanced Time Management

The option of renting office spaces by the hour, instead of encouraging employees to work from home, will typically lead to improved time management. Employees will not get distracted by chores, like laundry, or other things, such as the TV. With improved time management, tasks get done more efficiently—maximizing your employees’ free time and improving the work they do for you.

Benefit: Reducing Stress

By ensuring your employees have an office environment they can work in that is separate from their home, you can reduce stress. Hourly office spaces encourage employees to keep their work and home life separate, reducing their worries about work-related issues while at home. It also eliminates the potential guilt employees working from home may feel if they do not work constantly.

Benefit: No Maintenance

As a company, you would have to keep your office space clean if you were to sign a monthly or yearly lease, as traditional businesses do. By renting office spaces from coworking spaces, however, you have none of those concerns. The coworking company will take care of cleaning, keeping the printer running, and ensuring the bathroom is stocked.

Benefits of Renting Office Spaces by the Hour

Benefit: Affordability

Compared to renting a private office, hourly office rentals are much less expensive. There is no down payment on the lease, and you only pay for the time you need the space. There are also no hidden costs, such as utilities and cleaning.

Benefit: Professional Appearance

For smaller companies, renting office spaces hourly can help convey a professional image when it comes time to meet with clients without hurting your bottom line.

Some Office Spaces with Hourly Rentals

Take a look at some of the coworking spaces that offer hourly office space in membership options:

Covo has locations in St. Louis and San Francisco, with rates set to $2 and $4 an hour, respectively. At either location, that rate includes plugs; free printing; fast internet; unlimited tea, espresso, and coffee; and soundproof phone booths.

Homiey is in Humboldt Park in Chicago and offers hourly coworking passes starting at $5 an hour. There is a kitchenette, high-speed Wi-Fi, complimentary snacks and coffee, and a printer.

Meridian Business Centers focus on office space instead of coworking, with locations in Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth. The hourly rate is $20 and includes a private office with high-speed wired and wireless internet.

The Day Offices in Bloomingdale, Illinois, offers private workspaces for just $10 an hour. Each office is large enough for groups of two to five, and you can get a professional address, as well.

Kettle Space is in NYC. Although it does not offer separate hourly rates for coworking, membership plans start from just $25 a month with the ability to bring guests for $5 an hour. That drops to $3 an hour or free for guests with higher plans.

Benefits of Renting Office Spaces by the Hour

When to Avoid Renting by the Hour

There are a handful of situations when renting office spaces by the hour will not be ideal for your company. If you have a large company or big team, doing a monthly rental of a private office might make more sense since hourly rates are charged by person. Hourly rentals might also be less than ideal if you need consistency or to have a constant place that customers can always find you.

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