Choosing the Right WiFi for a Coworking Space

Coworking spaces need reliable, secure and fast WiFi for members to work at their best. One of the main things that professionals in search of coworking spaces look for is top-tier connectivity. WiFi for business is as important as utility power, heating/cooling and running water for modern businesses. It’s considered a must-have in the industry. High-speed internet helps your bottom line because your customers will have a good reason to renew their memberships and give you good reviews.

1. Subscription-Based WiFi

Many owners or managers of coworking spaces find it hard to determine the optimal WiFi capacity. As your coworking community grows, so should your bandwidth. However, the problem is that traditional contracts for business WiFi solutions offer static bandwidth for one to three years.

You need a flexible WiFi contract that matches your flexible business model in which a new member may be onboarded to the network and their internet access controlled for the exact amount of time that they need it, from an hour to weeks to years. For that reason, your coworking space should go for subscription-based internet contracts that match your contracts with coworking members.

2. Investing in a Future-Proof Network

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Buying and installing a coworking WiFi network from scratch is risky because the equipment may soon become obsolete. If your new to operating a coworking space, buying and setting up a complete WiFi system can be a costly, complex undertaking. Buying WiFi for a 10,000 square foot coworking space with more than 200 members isn’t as easy as buying and setting up WiFi for a small office or home. Coworking spaces need multiple access points, controllers, switches and firewalls.

You need to be knowledgeable about the right equipment to buy a future-proof solution. Once they become familiar with the real cost of setting up a complete WiFi system from scratch, many coworking space operators realize that they are better off subscribing to WiFi as a service because it’s cost-efficient and requires minimal maintenance.

3. Round-the-Clock Support and Network Monitoring

If your space is like many other coworking spaces, you may not have enough capital to hire a dedicated in-house team of experts to run your WiFi for business. The good news is that you can still access 24/7 support by subscribing to an established enterprise WiFi service. In addition to support, you can get 24-hour network monitoring and regular updates on your network health.

4. Scheduled Network Refreshes

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Professionals sign up for a membership at your coworking space because they believe it’ll be easier to work from there while connecting with the professional community. They no longer have to worry about the hassles that come with managing their own office or the distractions of working from home. These include permits, furniture, insurance and connectivity among others.


Coworking space owners stand to benefit from using that same approach when it comes to business WiFi solutions. Identify an internet service provider with an enterprise WiFi solution that makes it easier to operate your coworking space. One of the perks you should expect from a good enterprise WiFi service includes scheduled network hardware refreshes.

When coworking space operators plan for their WiFi capacity, many overlook community growth and updates to the operating systems of mobile devices. Failure to address these two issues can lead to your wireless networking infrastructure quickly becoming obsolete. Subscribing to a coworking space WiFi solution that offers scheduled hardware refreshes to ensure that you keep up with your members’ needs.

The Bottom Line

Besides high upfront costs and marketing, setting up high-speed WiFi is among the challenges that coworking spaces have to navigate. The owners and managers of these shared workspaces need to put a lot of thought into the WiFi solution they buy because it has a huge direct effect on the experience of community members.

Make sure your coworking space thrives by setting up an enterprise WiFi service that is scalable and future-proof. Give preference to internet service providers that offer 24-hour support and scheduled network hardware refreshes so that your network operates at its peak.

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