The Marriage of Coworking and Coliving

Coworking and coliving are two intertwined entrepreneurial concepts that are making waves in corporate society. They are changing the future of living for digital nomads, startups, freelancers, and professionals in all sectors. Coworking and coliving allow digital nomads to work and earn a living while they explore the world and broaden their horizon.

Furthermore, advances in technology and the internet has helped life as a digital nomad or freelancer to grow leaps and bounds. These days, you don’t need to work at a furnished office to have a productive career. Digital entrepreneurs, designers, and freelancers can work from anywhere, thus providing them with the flexibility to balance their work and personal life.

What Is Coliving?

While coworking is a pretty well-known concept today, the coliving movement has some catching up to do. This growing trend among digital nomads refers to the practice of sharing living space by self-employed individuals to facilitate a collaborative and flexible work style. Within a structured atmosphere, each occupant has his/her own personal space (bathroom, and bedroom), while sharing public areas like a living room, kitchen, dining room, etc... They also share a coworking space with the aim of enhancing their work efficiency and productivity.

The Benefits of Coworking and Coliving

Some of the benefits of coworking and coliving include:

Cost-Effective: Shared accommodation with other entrepreneurs and professionals with the added bonus of a coworking space is a great way to save accommodation cost. Similar to coworking, coliving eliminates the extra cost of utilities, maintenance fees, and internet that you would normally have to pay in a regular apartment or office.

Community: In a coworking or coliving space, you will meet other digital nomads that share a kindred spirit with you. You can draw inspiration and motivation from them, which in turn will enhance your productivity and/or creativity.

Well Structured: As a freelancer, working from home comes with varying degrees of distraction. It is difficult to work productively when you are around the TV, pet, family, or neighbors. Both coworking and coliving enable you to focus on the experiences that matter to your professional and personal life.

How Coworking and Coliving are changing the Lives of Workers

Remote working has offered digital nomads the privilege to explore other areas of life while they enhance their careers. Digital entrepreneurs no longer have to work in rented office spaces. They don't have to punch in and out of a physical office. Their lives are inherently more flexible than the typical worker. Many digital nomads rent Airbnbs, work from cafes and hotels, but very rarely do these environments offer a comprehensive solution like coworking and coliving spaces. Coworking and coliving spaces avail remote workers a place to meet new people, boost efficiency and productivity, and connect on a deep level with other professionals.

Coworking and Coliving Spaces around the World

Coworking and coliving spaces are just like a rented hotel room shared by professionals from all walks of life. There are numerous coworking and coliving spaces in cities all over the world. Each has its own unique features and conditions that make them highly attractive to remote workers. Here are a few of the top coworking and coliving spaces around the world


Outside, founded by Emmanuel Guisset in 2015, is one of the go-to coworking /coliving spaces for many digital entrepreneurs. Its living spaces are customized to meet your working needs perfectly. They are sprawled over 18 locations including Lisbon, Costa Rica and many others. Digital nomads can blow off steam with the curated surfing and skiing services of Outsite.

Sun and Co.

In the entire Mediterranean coast, Sun and Co. is the first living space for digital nomads that are like-minded. Located in Javea, Spain, this is a perfect spot for digital nomads who want to enjoy a warm climate, meet other remote workers and enhance productivity.


Selina is a great place to enhance your digital nomad life. Located in Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama, and many other places, it is highly oriented towards the community. There are cinemas, surf camps, and permaculture gardens for you to access across their different locations.

Coworking and coliving spaces have allowed many people to manage their careers and personal lives simultaneously. These coworking and coliving communities are affordable, organized, and offer flexibility to digital nomads who want to make their money while on vacation, or building their life-long careers.

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