Why Going Mobile Is the Key to a Thriving Coworking Space

This is a guest post from our technology partner Optix, a coworking management software that helps flexible workspace operators manage, measure, and grow their business.

The world is going mobile.

Nearly 50% of all internet traffic was done from a mobile device in 2021, with that number growing year over year. As people spend more time on their phones, it’s imperative to create a coworking space that fits these changing needs.

Supporting the modern coworking member means creating a space that is not only mobile-friendly, but mobile-first. It is the best way to stay ahead and differentiate yourself in an increasingly competitive market.

In this article, we’ll explain what a mobile-first coworking space is, the benefits of going mobile in your space, and give you 5 tips for setting your space up mobile-first.

What is a mobile-first coworking space?

What is a mobile-first coworking space?

A mobile-first coworking space is a flexible workspace that is created with the mobile user experience in mind. Instead of mobile being an afterthought, it is front and center.

Mobile-first means everything a user needs to do in your coworking space is designed to be done on a phone. This includes:

  • Bookings (rooms, desks, equipment – virtually any resource)
  • Door access (front door, meeting rooms)
  • Payments (monthly payments, single product purchases)
  • Communications (networking, management comms)

In most cases, these are all done via a single mobile application. That way, all users need to do is download your coworking space’s app.

What does a mobile coworking space look like?

So what exactly does a mobile-first coworking space look like once implemented?

Here are a few examples of how a user may interact with your space while taking a mobile-first approach.

  1. John opens all automated doors using his phone. He is then automatically checked into the space.
  2. He pays his monthly invoice in the app using his credit card on file. He is also able to purchase plans, products, and services in-app.
  3. He communicates with other users, as well as the community manager, using his phone.
  4. He receives special event reminders via a push notification.
  5. When he needs to book a desk, meeting room, or any resource for that matter, he can do so with a few taps.

Most of the above actions can be completed with one or two integrated apps, making for a streamlined mobile experience.

What are the benefits to mobile-first coworking?

What are the benefits to mobile-first coworking?

Creating a coworking space with the mobile experience in mind does more than just serve the needs of your members. A mobile-first approach:

  • Enhances the member experience: Accessibility and ease of use make for a better user experience overall.
  • Simplifies workflows and operations: When users are able to do everything from a single app, their life is much easier (as is yours!).
  • Generates more revenue: Because making purchases is so easy to do on a phone, many operators see revenue increases with the adoption of a mobile-first solution.
  • Connects your members to each other: Communicating on a mobile device is intuitive and offers an easy way for your members to connect with one another.
  • Improves the accessibility of your space: With a mobile door access control system, users will be able to access your space at any time as long as they have their phone.
  • Positively impacts your brand: Part of building a brand for your coworking business is creating a delightful and consistent user experience, both of which can be done using a mobile solution. Your brand will also take up a valuable piece of real estate - your user’s phone screen.
  • Improves member productivity: Your members can be more productive when they’re on their phones - things can be done quickly with just a few taps.
  • Provides more accurate analytics and data: A mobile-first platform will give you more accurate data and analytics than a manual or desktop solution.

Taking your space mobile-first is beneficial not only for your members, but for you and your business too.

How to create a mobile first coworking space?

How to create a mobile first coworking space?

Below we’ll dive deeper into how to get started with creating a mobile coworking space.

1. Start with a plan

Before making any big changes to your space’s infrastructure, it’s important to map out a plan of action. You’ll want to figure out:

  • Goals: What do you hope to achieve with a mobile coworking space?
  • Budget: How much can you spend on technology to support your mobile space?
  • Limitations (if any): Perhaps you already have a coworking management software system in place that doesn’t support mobile. List these limitations out in the beginning so you can help weigh your options.

Your goals, budget, and limitations will all help drive the choices that you make when choosing software for your space.

2. Get set up with the right management software

Once you have a plan in place, you’ll need to equip yourself with solutions that support a mobile-first environment.

The most important thing is to choose the right coworking management software that supports the mobile-first experience. This means a system that:

For most spaces, being mobile-first means having an app. Rather than build their own, many operators decide to go with a white-labeled app.

A white-labeled app is an app created by a 3rd party that operates under your brand. To your users, it is your app. White-labeled apps are:

  • Reinforcing for your brand
  • Less expensive than a custom solution
  • Faster to get up and running

It’s an amazing way of getting a mobile solution for your space quickly without needing to do any custom development work on your side. If you’re considering creating a mobile-compatible coworking space, you’ll definitely want a white-labeled app.

3. Build an integrated mobile tech ecosystem

Once you have your management software set up, you can begin to build an ecosystem of tools that will help you be completely mobile.

The right integrations will help bring all of your tools together and create a fully functional mobile ecosystem.

Here are a few of the most common we see:


What it does


WiFi management

Secures your WiFi and limits access to members only.


Door access control system

Gives members the ability to open doors with an app.

Includes hardware and software.


Print management

Allows for ease of document printing.

Includes hardware and software.


The most important thing to keep in mind when creating your coworking technology ecosystem is to choose systems that promote themselves as a mobile-first solution, not just mobile-compatible.

You’ll want to prioritize integrations that have a strong mobile presence, preferably with an app that is able to communicate with your coworking software.

4. Educate members on the platforms and tools

Technology can only do so much. You’ll need to spend some time educating and onboarding users on what platforms you use and how to use them to ensure successful adoption.

This is best done through an informative onboarding process when users first join. You can:

  • Create signs for your space with the QR code to download the app.
  • Send an automated email campaign educating users on what platforms you use and how to access each one.
  • Walk through the apps during the tour process to show members how to use each one.

Some other tips for adoption include offering plenty of technical support, creating one-page reference guides that outline how to use each tool, and leading by example by using the platforms yourself.

5. Look for other opportunities to be mobile-first

Getting the right platforms in your space to take care of member management is the most important part of creating a mobile-first coworking space.

However, there are other ways you can begin to make your space more friendly to mobile devices. Here are a couple of ideas.

Optimize your website for mobile

Not only is a mobile-optimized website great for the user experience, but it’s also great for SEO, meaning there’s a greater chance of your site being seen when people search for your keywords.

Spend some time making sure everything on your website is accessible via mobile device. That way, you’re truly serving the mobile experience, whether people have your app downloaded already or not.

Make your virtual events accessible via mobile devices

Some of your members may want to attend an event or webinar on their phones. Make sure your space and equipment are ready to support this need.

Opt for a platform that allows members to attend events on their phones, such as Google Meet or Zoom. That way, they’ll be able to attend no matter where they’re located.

The world is going mobile … Are you ready?

The modern worker wants the convenience of a mobile-first environment.

Support the influx of hybrid workers with a mobile-first workplace that puts them at the center of the experience. That means creating a plan, setting yourself up with the right technology, and looking for every opportunity that you can to be optimized for the mobile experience.

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