Technology as a Catalyst for Your Coworking Business

The offices and floor plans of many businesses around the world have progressed to new layouts styles from decades ago. The days of seeing cubicles span the length of a large office floor are becoming less and less frequent as they giveaway to offices that are open and inhabited. This is how business is most commonly conducted, and as a coworking space manager, it requires sufficient technology to keep up with it.

Technology Tools Needed

A common misconception of coworking spaces might be that they only contain startups and entrepreneurs who all work in the tech industry. That is indeed not the case, but that does not mean that coworking spaces should not have the best technology within them. Technology, like for so many other companies, has become a catalyst for coworking businesses. It is why it is imperative to have the right technological tools onsite to effectively manage your coworking space. One of those tools is Sattelite Desk Works, a coworking technology software that will track which tenants have paid their bills and additionally allow them to reserve rooms. This type of technology is very crucial to operating a coworking business efficiently, especially if you manage a large coworking space.  

Another crucial technological tool that every coworking business should have is Essensys. Essensys allows coworking space managers the capability to oversee move in and move out operations, and streamline day to day operations of the coworking space. Additional features include the ability to manage payments and room bookings, but the technology is most notable for its features about company move in and move outs.  

Coworking Space Tech

With the rise of coworking spaces around the globe, this has led sweeping changes in the infrastructure of many buildings and coworking offices. An advanced IT-infrastructure, one that can provide fast, safe, and reliable internet, are some of the challenges managers must think about when planning to run a tech coworking space. It is also critical to have a good understanding and knowledge of various kinds of coworking space tech and how they can help differentiate your coworking spaces from your competitors. One of the ways to do this is to embrace the use of the Internet of Things or better known as IoT. Embracing IoT, especially as buildings get smarter with their IT-infrastructures, will allow you to use your coworking space better.

Cost-Efficient Technology

As a coworking space manager, you might be thinking to yourself how great it is that coworking technology has improved and continues to grow. What you also might be thinking to yourself is how expensive all this new technology can cost. Fortunately, there are ways for coworking space managers to supply their spaces with reliable technology while keeping overhead costs to a minimum. The main component in doing so is to work with a singular technology provider. Ideally, this technology provider will be able to provide an overlap all the different layers of technology that is needed to run a coworking space. If so, they can create tech packages that will be cost effective for you in the long run as opposed to outsourcing your tech needs to multiple different tech companies.

If you plan on managing multiple co-working spaces, whether it be in the same city or a different state, then it is equally important to make sure your singular technology provider provides a scalable approach and one that can be mirrored to your other locations.

Despite all the changes and updates that seem to occur daily, technology does not have to be a scary thing. If you can do some research ahead of time, learn from past mistakes, and embrace new concepts, then technology will be a catalyst, not a detriment, to your growing coworking business.

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