Top Email Marketing Tips for Coworking Spaces

Email marketing is one of the choice tools that coworking spaces can use in their overarching marketing strategies. It’s an incredibly valuable one, giving you an enormous amount of direct access to individual members or potential members amongst their other private and personal communications. Targeting marketing through emails is an incredible opportunity to bring yourself customers and make repeat sales to the same people. However, it is also an easy way to alienate customers if you are not vigilant about your content. Poor email marketing can be massively costly to your company and will likely give you a bad reputation amongst all of your customers. Not only is this a negative outcome but it also means that you’re missing one of the golden sales opportunities to put your space ahead of the competition. So, without further ado, let’s explore the art of effective email marketing for your coworking space.

1. Avoid Ending Up in Spam

The best written, most highly optimized piece of email marketing might as well be non-existent if your emails are consigned to the spam inbox. Now, there’s nothing you can do if the recipient has told their email provider to put all emails from you in spam, but there are things you can do about avoiding the email provider automatically assigning you to the spam inbox, so make sure that you research this tricky area before sending anything.

2. Segment Your Email Addresses

Behind every email address you contact is a person, with their own set of agendas, opinions, and desires. Acknowledging this fact is vital for performing well in the email marketing field. The opposite end of this is opting for blanket emails, whereby everyone who receives one feels cheated and like they’re being grouped like a herd of cattle. Individuals want to be seen as unique people and the extra time and effort it requires to acknowledge this is well worth it. Gathering the data and using it to segment your recipients gives you a massively increased chance of getting through to the people you contact and connecting with them on a personal level, something which will lead to sales far more than the impersonal, corporate option.

3. Write Clearly and Accurately

This may seem like an obvious point to make but writing clearly and accurately (in other words writing well) is actually one of the most important, most neglected aspects to email marketing there is. It’s incredibly unprofessional to have spelling errors and grammatical blunders in any type of corporate content, let alone email marketing. This requires some skill so you might have to look for help elsewhere to pull it off. To get started, you can use Grammarly or Hemingway Editor.

4. Include Mobile Optimization

An enormous percentage of work and pleasure is conducted through the small screens of a smartphone these days. So much so that, if you were to neglect mobile optimization in your email marketing strategies, you would risk losing out on a massive proportion of potentially valuable customers. Email optimization for smartphones may require some creativity, since image sizes, fonts, videos, gifs and everything else you might have to put in will be affected by the screen size.

5. Stay Consistent and Frequent

Ok, don’t literally bombard your email clients with marketing materials or you’ll be sent to spam purgatory. But, definitely don’t be afraid to email frequently, provided that there is consistency and a purpose to each of your emails.

6. Send emails that your readers would be interested in

This is very important. You need to send emails to your audience that they will actually be interested in. Some of the popular writing topics in the coworking area can be events in your space, networking opportunities, new partnerships with local businesses that could mean a lot to your members, happy hours that you organize or any workshops that you host, business offers, job offers, new amenities and so on.


Overall, email marketing can achieve wonders for you and your company when done correctly. Hopefully, this list of suggestions of do’s and don’ts will have you off to a flying start and bring you in all of the business you could hope for through such an obvious but misunderstood marketing format.

Nora Mork is a business journalist at Stateofwriting and Paperfellows.

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