Visitor Management System For Coworking Spaces

Visitor management ensures that when a third person comes to your organization, they are greeted and monitored. Companies in the past typically use log books to keep track of their visitors while modern day companies often opt for advanced visitor management systems.

What is a Visitor Management System?

Modern visitor management systems provide complex, secure solutions that allow creating customized badges, pre-register visitors, set their user permissions, take photos, automatically notify employees of visitors, and much more. Thanks to a visitor management system you can build a positive image for your brand, ensure additional security and automate processes that would otherwise be time-consuming. Such systems prevent worker interruption, especially in offices with no permanent receptionists available, enhancing overall productivity.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Leading Visitor Management Systems

Let’s take a look at the top softwares in the market now and what it offers:

Envoy has proven to be a reliable paperless solution for managing clients. Its chief advantages include easiness of use and setup,  and a bunch of useful features including pre-registration, badge printing, e-mail notifications, unlimited number of guests, document signing and more customized options with a premium account. The downside of Envoy is that it’s only available on iPads. It has yet to launch its Android version some clients have made feedback that the software lacks a multiple hosts option.

Another top company is Proxyclick, chosen by big companies such as Audi, Airbnb, Acer, and PepsiCo.This software streamlines visitor management by allowing guests to check in, sign an NDA agreement and take a picture by themselves. This thoughtful app is available in 8 languages so you don't have to worry about foreign visitors having problems. With Proxyclick, there’s a free option with 44 features available. Similar to Envoy, the software is iPad compatible, however, there is no Android version available. 

SwipedOn is yet another trusted visitor management software that allows quick and efficient check-ins as well as accurate guests tracking services. Apart from its useful features such as badge printing, customization and instant notifications, the software is easy to set up and is more affordable compared to its similar counterparts. However, some clients have given feedback that there are not enough templates for badges that can help categorize contractors and visitors separately. It is also not compatible with android systems.

Who can benefit from this?

Any company, irrespective of its size and number of visitors can streamline their operations and enhance security by implementing visitor management softwares. It allows to track real-time visitors, differentiate between clients, delivery men, contractors, and check visitor history if required.

So if you value time, safety and security, streamline your company's visitor management to make your daily operations simpler.

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