Why Coworking Spaces Need Software Integrations to Survive

If you’re running a coworking space then you must have thought about integrated software applications and why you may need one. It is not uncommon for startups to get tangled in a web of complex applications addressing things like member management, financial, and accounting tools. While all of these services are essential to running a coworking business, the addition of every new application or software requires training and onboarding for administrators, along with more investment in a full IT department.

Integrating these programs can streamline processes and decrease the amount of time needed to learn a new software or application.

Members Want Convenience

Your coworking members are already busy with managing their work schedules and the various applications they need to work outside of a traditional office. The last thing they need is 5 more apps and passwords to remember just to be able to use your space. This is where integrations can save both coworking operators and their customers’ time and energy.

For example, when members register for a coworking space, they usually provide their email or make some type of login to access the local WiFi network, the coworking business or member portal, and make credentials to access the office or conference rooms through the access control system. Separately, the apps involved in just these three steps require several passwords and other bits of information. The good news is that coworking operators can easily integrate all of these services so that members only need to make one set of credentials in the beginning and navigate through one portal to access any services that the space offers.

There are many coworking management software that integrate access control, payment systems, social media and internal communication apps, accounting services, and more!

Save Time and Money

Integrations streamline manual paperwork, saving man-hours. After all, there are a limited number of hours in a day so it’s crucial to make sure you’re getting the most out of your time.

A good way to do so is to consider integrations when preparing your business plan. When just starting a coworking space, it’s good to have a shortlist of applications or tools that you will need to run the business with a lean team. Most startup spaces don’t have the structure or the funds to maintain a full operations team (including management, sales and customer acquisition departments, IT personnel, HR administrators, etc…). With this shortlist, you can ensure that as many tools as possible can be integrated with each other to reduce costs.

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Help Your Business Scale Faster

Integrations allow more time to cultivate partnerships, market your space, and research your next move. When you have more time, you will be able to perform other duties that can help your business find more clients and improve efficiency. A central database can make things easier for everyone involved, which can prove to be a big asset.

People want to work with businesses that appear professional. Software integration can help the cause since it will allow you to handle different tasks like a pro, and leave a positive impression on current and future clients. Better and Quicker Decision Making

Integrations that truly make things easier on your team are a mark of innovation to potential partners and show that your business can adapt quickly to trends and new operational strategies.

For example, a coworking management software that integrates with access control and a business analytics software can be used to determine what the most profitable areas of the space are, specific strategies that drive memberships, and where the business could reduce waste. All of these factors can influence day-to-day business decisions that have a direct effect on revenue.

The main purpose of software integration is to help streamline processes and allow you to concentrate on more important tasks. Whether you’re running a coworking space or a multinational firm, you can’t neglect the importance of software integrations. It’s one of the most important features of a software.

Make sure to keep these points in mind when selecting tech for your coworking space!.

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