Coworking Spaces Open 24/7

The use of coworking spaces is a growing trend around the world as more and more people realize that this style of working suits their needs. Respected outlets have reported for years on why people do so well in coworking spaces. Some of the reasons for this growing trend include flexibility, the ability to feel like work is meaningful, job control, feeling like part of a community, and even savings. If you take a look at coworking options around the globe, you will notice that a growing number are now open 24/7, an important feature for many.

‍Many coworking spaces are open 24/7.

Why People Choose 24/7 Coworking Spaces

Many people choose 24/7 spaces because they can work with any schedule. By offering a 24/7 space, these coworking companies can reach a wider audience since not everyone has the same schedule. Some of the people who want a coworking membership have a traditional job and use the coworking space to work on their own small business or startup, which they must do at odd hours. Others simply are not as productive during the day as they are at night. Some people may want to be able to work whenever the urge strikes.

The appeal of 24/7 coworking spaces comes down to scheduling and emptiness. In addition to those who do not need the space between 9 and 5, there are some people who simply like the perks of coworking but prefer to work when there are fewer people (i.e., distractions) around.

How 24/7 Coworking Spaces Grant Access

One of the biggest challenges for a coworking space that chooses to operate 24/7 is determining how to grant access to members. Although it is an option, most choose not to have a receptionist on hand 24/7 since that would add to costs. Instead, they opt for an electronic keycard that gives members access. There are also applications such as keycards and smartphone apps that can give members access.

‍Many coworking spaces provide 24/7 access via keycards.

Some top examples of 24/7 coworking spaces around the world.

The Austin Space in Queens, New York, USA

The Austin Space covers two floors of collaborative workspace, including a conference room and lounge area. There is high-speed internet, printing, monthly meetups, creative resources such as books, a whiteboard, a security system, a kitchen with microwave, and complimentary tea, coffee, and water. In addition to offering 24/7 memberships, this space also offers discounted “Night Owl Memberships.”

Blue Arrow Co-Working Space in Winter Park, Colorado, USA

Members of the Blue Arrow Co-Working Space with at least a part-time plan get 24/7 access to the space in addition to tea and coffee, access to the conference room, access to Green Spaces, and high-speed internet.

ConnectionsSF in San Francisco, California, USA

Whether you choose for a plan with a dedicated desk or a shared one, members of ConnectionsSF get 24/7 access. Amenities include Wi-Fi, a copier and printer, a kitchen and café area, a fitness room, laundry, and a sundeck.

AngkorHUB in Siem Reap, Cambodia

One of the many coworking spaces in Asia, AngkorHUB also offers coliving and 24/7 access. The coworking area includes cold and hot drinks, 4G, super-fast internet, a Skype room, meals, and air conditioning plus a power backup.

The Commons in Melbourne, Australia

The Commons has several locations, including in Melbourne, and it includes travel opportunities via multiple locations, a Wellness Program, staff events and parties, and more in addition to other coworking benefits like the internet.

La Permanence in Paris, France

La Permanence is open 24/7 and has the fastest Wi-Fi in the city, printing, copying, scanning, meeting rooms, coffee, snacks, armchairs, and sofas plus hourly rates or unlimited memberships.

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