The Competitors of Regus

What is Regus?

Regus is a company headquartered in Luxembourg City and founded in 1989 that offers coworking spaces to entrepreneurs, startup companies, freelancers and larger entreprises. It is one of the most successful coworking space and office providers, and also listed on the London Stock Exchange.  

Regus offers a variety of products and services such as conventional offices, business lounges, meeting rooms and most importantly, coworking spaces. With over 2600 coworking spaces in different locations in 106 countries, Regus certainly has a strong international presence.

Regus 1

The client base of Regus is broad, some prominent users of Regus include Google, Toshiba and GlaxoSmithKline. Compared to other popular modern coworking spaces, Regus has more ‘’established’’, ‘’serious’’ clients at its locations. However, small businesses, freelancers and other professionals are also welcome.

The prices vary a lot depending on the location of the space, and that is something which makes Regus stand out from its competitors: you can work anywhere for an hour, day, week, month, or year, and the prices differ depending on the time length. The ideal thing to do is to get in contact and request a quote that is specific to your needs.

regus price

Competitor - WeWork

Probably everybody in the coworking world has heard of WeWork, and they are indeed worthy of the hype: founded in 2010 in NYC, the coworking provider has 412 Office Locations at 78 Cities, and it is well on its way to further expansion.

WeWork is solely focused on coworking spaces, as in comparison with Regus. People who worked at both WeWork and Regus commented that workers at WeWork are consisted of more millenials, and have a more laid-back attitude compared to those who work at Regus.


Depending on the specific location, WeWork offers membership plans such as Hot Desk, Dedicated Desk, and Private Office. Dedicated Desk is perhaps the most popular choice for many, and the price differs depending on location: on 750 lexington Avenue in NYC, the Dedicated Desk option is $700/month, whereas in Kansas City it is only $350/month.

Competitor - Servcorp

Servcorp provides different working space solutions such as office spaces, coworking spaces and virtual offices. Founded in Sydney in 1978, Servcorp offers top-notch office spaces with great services at 160+ locations around the globe. 

Its customers are mainly business professionals who expect great working experiences, and its clients range from independent professionals to Fortune 500 companies. Many of the Servcorp offices are at CBD locations, including its coworking spaces.

servcorp office

The coworking space in NYC is located at One World Trade Center, near Wall Street and overlooking Manhattan's Financial District. Membership for a dedicated desk at this prime location is $450/month.

One World Trade Center

Apart from the fine facilities and central locations, clients of Servcorp also speak very highly of their services. Servcorp is very attentive of the needs of their clients, from handling phone calls to on-site support, the staff are attentive and accommodating.


It is obvious that Regus has the most locations globally and serves most comprehensive client base. If you are looking for professional yet friendly working atmosphere at flexible prices, you should consider one of the spaces at Regus. 

On the other hand, if you want a very vibrant and relaxed atmosphere, WeWork might be a good choice for you. Servcorp works really well for those who desire fine working experiences such as prime locations and first-class services.

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