A Guide To Agile Real Estate

The workplace is changing and an increasing number of businesses need flexible work spaces. Agile real estate is replacing the traditional office building. More and more coworking spaces and other modern working areas are appearing on the market in response to the new trends. Not only are those spaces flexible and providing an excellent working experience, but they’re also completely secure.They help creative entrepreneurs come up with brilliant solutions. On the contrary, the traditional commercial real estate is no longer able to meet the demands of today's working community.

Flexible workplace environments are vibrant and dynamic with the aim to support the needs of their members. With the emergence of numerous types of the agile real estate, even real estate in suburban areas can connect creative people, benefiting everyone. New flexible work spaces allow them to decide where and when they want to work. Private entrepreneurs have a wide choice of the areas, services, and amenities empowered by the latest technology. Remarkably, agile real estate satisfies both the professional needs and the personal expectations of the creative business owners. Commercial real estate of the past was far throw from delivering these inclusive experiences.

A Guide To Agile Real Estate
Modern Coworking Space

It is essential to be agile in the real estate industry today. This is exactly why flexible work spaces provide a wide range of great opportunities to their members. They offer alternative lease agreements encouraging people to use their flexible terms in line with the concept of agility. Optimized workplaces, efficient amenities, and differentiated assets are all a part of the entirely new agile real estate. The new concept applies to the city centers, suburban areas as well as to small and big real estate types.

The new agile real estate concept offers “office as a service” rather than “office as a place.” The new flexible work spaces welcome the new members with the gracious hospitality. Their owners make partnerships with landlords and come up with more agile workplace strategies. It helps the owners attract and retain creative entrepreneurs.

A Guide To Agile Real Estate

3 Advantages Of Agile Real Estate

1. Experience-Focused Approach

Today’s commercial real estate focuses on the experience-based approach rather than on the space-based strategy. Agile real estate is associated with a high level of protection and state-of-the-art technologies available in the unusual physical spaces. They include the keyless access control, 24/7 surveillance, and easily accessible amenities you can operate via your smartphone.

2. Unique Workplace Design

Entrepreneurs require diverse workplace design solutions complemented by the latest technology. If you are a coworking space owner, it is crucial to analyze the particular demands of your target clients. For instance, there are women-only coworking spaces that definitely require mild tonnes, pink color, and in-house SPA services for inspiration. Indeed, it will be much more efficient to provide the workplace design that will satisfy the demands of your potential members.

3. Flexible Leasing Solutions

Today's leases do not resemble those of the past tied to one physical space and lasting for a decade. Now, infinite coworking spaces and other flexible work spaces aren’t trying to overload you with these responsibilities. On the contrary, they add value with the help of an increased flexibility of the shared spaces.

Not only private entrepreneurs, but also companies benefit from these advantages. They resort to the agile real estate aiming to host their flexible teams and even entire departments. The new concept is beneficial not only for the coworking spaces, but also for various incubators, accelerators, serviced offices, and diverse enterprise solutions.

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