Best Conference Room Designs and Equipment

As you begin setting up a coworking space, or any other office, you need to make sure that your conference room is well-equipped to handle . The conference room design is essential, as members or employees will spend a great deal of time there, so you want it to promote productivity. You also want the room to give off a positive impression with the best conference room technology and comfortablefurniture. Keep the following tips in mind when designing and equipping your conference room.

Include Security via Access Control

The conference room design should include the ability to control access to the space. This can be as simple as a lock on the door with the key held by a receptionist who lets people in when their reserved time arrives. You can also opt for a more tech-savvyaccess solution, such as an electronic lock that provides access via a mobile application for those with reservations.

Best Conference Room Designs and Equipment
Consider your client’s needs, including how they will use the space, when designing the conference room

Consider Client Needs When Choosing the Layout

There are many potential layouts for a conference room, including a large board table, a U-style table, and more. To figure out what works best for your space, think about how it will likely be used. If the conference room will only be used for presentations, then rows of seats and a podium will work. If there will be more interactive meetings, make sure everyone has workspace and can see each other. Always ensure there is enoughspace for people to walk around. The ideal layout will include furniture that is flexible and can be easily repositioned based on client needs.

Choose the Right Technology

Conference rooms should already have some of the basic equipment inside, and you want to include the best conference room technology. At the bare minimum, this should include an overhead projector, but you may also want to include a computer, so those who reserve the space can just bring a USB drive or disk. Figure out what othertechnology you should include, such as a printer, cables, speakers, speaker mounts, and remote controls. Also include some options that are less technological, such as a whiteboard and markers.

Best Conference Room Designs and Equipment
Carefully select the technology, such as projectors and screens, to include in your conference room

Provide Extra Amenities

During a meeting, clients and coworking space members will want to focus on the task at hand, so try to include some extra amenities that prevent the need to leave the room. One example would be a fridge with some water bottles and a small basket of snacks. Make it a point to always replenish these before a meeting. You may also want to include mini-cabinets, so guests can store belongings. Don’t forget a garbage can, either, and consider adding a few pads of paper and some pens.

Setting the Lighting

The lighting design of your conference room is also crucial, particularly if you set it up to allow for video conferencing. Some spaces make the mistake of choosing overpowering lighting. Instead, allow for natural lighting but include blinds on the windows. Try minimizing interior lighting or making it adjustable, and opt for bulbs that do not emit a great deal of heat.

Best Conference Room Designs and Equipment
Let natural light into your conference room

Example of Conference Rooms

To see how to apply these tips in the real world, take a look at Regus, one of the leaders in the coworking industry. It has several conference room designs, depending on the intended purpose. It offers security, high-speed internet, and a fully equipped space, so those who use the room do not have to bring extras.

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