Best Real Estate News Sources in 2019

The coworking market has been growing steadily and has proven to be a very dynamic trend. To stack up against the fierce competition in the industry as well as to follow the market tendencies and to define the long-term prospects one has to be on top of things. That’s when the role of coworking conferences and specialized publications comes in handy. As a space operator, you can learn about the industry trends, determine how to stimulate revenue growth, establish an online presence, reach new audiences, etc.

Top Real Estate News Sources

While the Internet abounds with articles related to Coworking, here’s our pick of some of the most trustworthy information related to the real estate news.

Title: U.S. News

What it is known for: Reports real estate news in the US and provides valuable information and tips from choosing the right décor to investing in luxury properties.

Trust element: Has been around for 70 years, a reliable source of information.

Title: REALTOR® Magazine

What it is known for: It’s the official magazine of the National Association of REALTORS® and the business tool for real estate professionals.

Trust element: The National Association of Realtors has been around since 1908, and its magazine makes for an authoritative publication.

Title: Inman

What it is known for: An independent real estate news provider that brings the latest industry information from across the world.

Trust element: It’s considered to be a leading source of residential real estate industry news and trends for agents and brokers.

Title: Redfin

What it is known for: founded in 2004, this Seattle-based company operates as a brokerage company and is a multiple award-winning firm that helps people sell their homes. At the same time, it provides useful industry insights and latest news.

Trust element: The company is a serious player in the market of real estate. It trades shares on the stock market.

Title: The New York Times

What it is known for: One can list a home here, make use of the mortgage calculator, read about life in different parts of the US as far as the infrastructure, facilities and the atmosphere go, catch up on the latest commercial real estate transactions and even search commercial properties.

Trust Element: one of the US top-three leading newspapers.

Title: Forbes

What it is known for: a leading source for reliable news and updated analysis on Real Estate in various parts of the world.

Trust Element: A business magazine with an over 100-year history.

Title: Realty Times

What it is known for: A useful resource for agents and consumers that gives professional advice, provides industry’s latest news and offers video presentations.

Trust Element: The company has been around for over 20 years and since then has gained almost a quarter of million consumers that make use of the resource on a monthly basis.

Alternative Ways to Look for Real Estate News

There are also a few portals that offer real estate news that aim at coworking operators.

Title: Coworking Resources

What it is known for: The portal offers an in-depth analysis of the coworking industry and provides a relevant, comprehensive directory for coworking operators as well the latest industry news.

Title: DeskMag

What it is known for: The portal is dedicated to coworking as an emerging trend. One of its sections includes the industry’s latest news and relevant survey results.

Title: Zillow Research

What it is known for: The resource provides data and analysis about housing markets covering more than 450 markets.


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