Dog-Friendly Coworking Spaces

Many people want to bring their pets with them to work, and those who choose where to work can intentionally pick a location that is dog friendly. This is a major advantage for those in search of a coworking space and do not want to leave their pooch at home due to anxiety issues or concerns about lack of care. If you work in a pet-friendly space, you don’t have to worry about hiring a dog walker, as you can just take a break to take care of this.

Pets are also associated with a long list of other benefits, whether in a traditional office or a coworking space. These include stress relief and promotion of positive social interactions. With so many coworking spaces around the world, it should come as no surprise that each major city has at least a handful of dog-friendly options.

dog at work
‍Having dogs with you at work can relieve stress

The Farm in New York City

The Farm is in the SoHo neighborhood of New York City. In addition to 24/7 coworking, it is also a dog-friendly space. You can get a hot desk from $179 a month or a dedicated desk from $319 per month. In addition to being pet-friendly, the Farm is conveniently located; has conference rooms and phone booths; offers “blazing fast” Wi-Fi; and has coffee, tea, printing, scanning, and mail and package services.

Covo in San Francisco

Covo actually has several locations, including in San Francisco. This pet-friendly coworking space starts at $419 per month for open seating and $569 a month for a dedicated desk. Work-related amenities include 24/7 access, printing, mail services, meeting rooms, phone booths, AEC services, coffee and tea, daily cleaning, and a large classroom. In addition to being pet friendly, this space also offers a cozy nap room, a bike room, a café with a tab, day-use lockers, dry cleaning, and a tap room.

well-behaved dog
‍All coworking spaces that are dog-friendly require the canine to be well-behaved

Works Progress in Seattle

Full-time membership at Works Progress starts at $300 per month, with dedicated desks starting at $350 a month. This coworking space is dog friendly and has private phone booths, printers and scanners, reservable conference and meeting rooms, dedicated or flexible desks, secure high-speed internet, air conditioning, fax and mail service, snacks, coffee, and tea.

Kleverdog in Los Angeles

As the name implies, Kleverdog is a dog-friendly coworking space, provided that your pet is well-behaved. Membership options include part-time and full-time flex memberships and studio desks, so you can stay flexible or have team offices. Full-time flex starts at $275, with studio desks starting at $375. All members get 24/7 access, lockers, high-speed internet, and free coffee.

UNCOMMON: Borough in London

Those in London can find a dog-friendly coworking space at UNCOMMON: Borough. Hot desks start at £350 per month. Members get 24/7 access, a coffee lounge, meeting rooms, phone booths, showers, bike storage, rooftop space, a creative lab, multiple zones, and pop-up retail options.

‍‍Various cities offer coworking spaces with multiple seating areas that are also pet friendly

The Roller in Sydney

In Sydney, The Roller is a popular pet-friendly coworking space that just happens to also be a photo studio. There are air conditioning, music, meeting rooms, a printer, showers, a real sense of community, directory signage, a business mailing address, and a picturesque setting in a mid-century warehouse building. Membership starts at $108 AUD a month, with dedicated desks starting at $585 AUD.

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