Corpoworking: Companies Creating Their Own Coworking Spaces

Сorpoworking is a type of business that combines the corporate and coworking approaches. It can be a special workplace inside of the building where the corporation is located. Sometimes, it is also situated outside of its premises. Employees are able to come here at any time to feel more relaxed due to the flexible atmosphere which is peculiar to these new spaces. The company’s workers can also meet clients at corpoworking spaces. However, those are not the classical business meetings.

Corpoworking: Companies Creating Their Own Coworking Spaces
There's a power in a group of people, as together they can achieve greater creativity and innovation

The new spaces possess new rules which are the absence of any rules. For instance, an employee can sit on a removable couch with a client and brainstorm business solutions together. The members can move furniture the way they want and get more productive carrying out their typical work tasks. This new corpoworking concept is based on sharing knowledge, exchanging brilliant ideas and finding outstanding solutions together with the like-minded people.

Three Modern Workspaces with Agile Approach

Traditional coworking spaces share certain similarities with the emerging corpoworking spaces. They both provide flexible working environment boosting creativity. Moreover, they ensure a strong community support and hold numerous networking events. The latter helps creative entrepreneurs to meet new business partners, get customers, and learn how to bring their business to the next level.

Freelancers are usually looking for the ways to upgrade their business processes, make more connections, and keep themselves motivated all the time. The employees of big corporations also need more flexibility nowadays. However, there are some differences between coworking and corpoworking. Let's see what corpoworking spaces look like in reality.

Corpoworking Tips for Agile Working

Corpoworking: Companies Creating Their Own Coworking Spaces
Creative design in coworking spaces fosters creativity, and diversity of members means there is always something new to learn from each other


Although WeWork is usually associated with a typical coworking space, it is introducing the concept of corpoworking in its business operations. Large corporations are buying WeWork membership that makes one-quarter of the company's revenue. This approach has increased WeWork’s enterprise customer base by 370% over 2017. The company encourages agile working among the employees of large corporations that skyrocket their efficiency.


Nestled is an unusual coworking space hosting not only freelancers (circa 60%) but also the employees of Orange ( about 40%.) This “bright-named” company “sends” its employees to the coworking space so that they can learn from the people outside of Orange. Engineers and programmers working for the company benefit greatly from the interactions with other like-minded individuals. As a result, the teams located at Nestled show an increased productivity as well as better concentration. They also report greater job satisfaction.


MINI is a unique combination of a corporate coworking space, a concept store, a café, and a fabrication lab. This type of corpoworking space has its pros and cons. Nevertheless, it is very efficient as it is an open-house coworking offering flexible work spaces as a public amenity. They are usually used for brand building.

5 Benefits of Corpoworking

1. Member Happiness

The new coworking spaces for corporate workers make their members much happier than the routine of a typical office. This is probably the main reason why corpoworking is so popular. The employee is are no longer dealing with the burnout and don't suffer from the lack of motivation. On the contrary, they are inspired by the creative spirit and can interact freely. They can brainstorm, chat, and, what's most important, work in a team they like to reach the goal they consider meaningful.

2. Supporting Digital Nomads

Digital nomads are a popular type of workers who are highly mobile changing their place of residence more often than their toothbrush. Big corporations are interested in the digital nomads and hire them on special terms. These employees are allowed to work from corpoworking spaces whenever they go. Additionally, an increasing number of people do their best to escape the traditional offices.

3. Boosting Productivity

Large corporations are interested in corpoworking spaces because they significantly increase the efficiency of their employees. It is not just flexibility but also a specific layout that helps to reach this goal. Comfortable furniture fosters the productivity of the members. The layout also encourages connectivity and extensive networking. The latter are essential components enhancing the overall result.

4. Promoting the Company's Brand Image

Large corporations have been known for their impeccable work conditions. However, it is also a matter of their innovative reputation to offer flexible workspaces to their employees. Their brand image gets upgraded whenever they make a contract with an advanced corpoworking company. Their potential employees are flattered to find out that they are applying to the company which follows the latest trends and cares about its workers.

5. Community Support

Corpoworking spaces provide the support of the like-minded people united under the same roof. The employees can choose if they want to work alone or in a team, but they will receive the help they need. Moreover, they can also participate in various meetings, events, after-work parties, etc. They can feel free to come up with any initiative and receive valuable feedback from the community.

Corpoworking is the trend of the future - follow it to bring in more clients!

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