Managing Employees in Coworking Spaces

Coworking involves a working environment that is highly people-centric. After all, one of the benefits associated with using coworking spaces is the opportunities for collaboration and networking. Because of the social nature of coworking spaces, compared to a traditional office, employee engagement is key when it comes to staffing, as well as clients of the space. Those starting or using a coworking space will need to develop a plan that lets them easily manage their employees, so both employees and members can have a productive and enjoyable work life.

Managing Employees in Coworking Spaces
Training is a key part of managing people in coworking jobs.

Challenges of Working in a Coworking Space

1. Possibility of Distractions

Compared to working in a traditional office setting, coworking jobs can lead to the increased possibility of distractions. By nature, coworking spaces are collaborative and encourage networking and interactions, which sometimes sacrifices employee productivity. As a manager, you need to find a way around this by keeping your employees on task.

2. More Social Interactions

For some, the fact that there are more social interactions in coworking spaces than in a traditional office can also prove to be a challenge. The ideal situation is that everyone gets along perfectly. But, there are bound to be some different personalities. Due to the community-oriented nature of coworking, those with varying personalities are more likely to step on each others’ toes than they would in a typical office, which can lead to increased confrontations.

3. Privacy Problems

For companies who choose coworking jobs instead of using a traditional office, there might also be concerns about the security of data and sensitive information. You do not want the people from other companies to have access to your trade secrets or sensitive information, whether it be accidentally or intentionally.

Managing Employees in Coworking Spaces
Regular meetings can help employees stay connected in coworking spaces.

How To Manage Employees Efficiently

1. Promote A Sense Of Community

One of the most important aspects of working at a coworking space is the ability to connect and communicate with others. This is true for companies who use coworking spaces as well as those who work in the space. Remember that coworking spaces build a sense of community and the staff should be part of the community. Achieve this with team-building exercises, special events, and other specified times for interactions.

2. Keep Employees Motivated and Productive

Coworking helps improve productivity and motivates employees. Since employees are in control of their schedules, work tends to be viewed as more meaningful. Even so, you will need to find ways to ensure employee motivation and overcome distractions in a coworking space. Encourage your employees to remain in control of their own schedules and work to keep them happy. Happy employees will be motivated, so have regular meetings and make changes when necessary. You can also help employee productivity by leading with your own example and rely on the right tools to improve engagement.

Managing Employees in Coworking Spaces
A chat program can help your employees easily share ideas in a coworking space

3. Share Data and Progress

Part of managing employees in a coworking space is ensuring that everyone is on the same page. There are plenty of ways to encourage employees to share their progress and other data with each other, such as via meetings, project sharing, blogs, or even a content management system, like Slack. Consider sharing data, but do so in a managed method with a secure program. As a bonus, the idea of sharing progress with each other will motivate employees to push forward on projects.

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