Advantages of Offering Childcare in a Coworking Space

According to the latest findings from the Early Childhood Program Participation Survey (ECPP), half of U.S. families struggle to find child care. A Center for American Progress (CAP) poll found that mothers commonly stated that if they had access to more affordable and reliable childcare, they would be able to increase their earnings and progress within their respective careers. The ability to tackle the childcare problem within a coworking space can help make your offices stand out and become more attractive for potential tenants.

A Growing Trend

To tackle the issue of childcare, many coworking spaces across the country are becoming true coworking childcare facilities. Take Elemeno, for example, a Washington D.C. coworking company. Within the facility are coworking members who appear no different than those at any other community. However, scattered throughout the office space are screens that do not display the day's news, but instead are video feeds of the childcare facility just a couple floors below. Elemeno offers a coworking space with childcare and a reprieve for freelancers and entrepreneurs whose childcare options might have fallen through.

Cheaper Alternatives

It is no secret that childcare can be an expensive, yet necessary, cost for freelancers. Many coworking facilities are facing this issue head-on and providing cheaper alternatives for coworking members. If a coworking manager is looking to get a better understanding of how the cost can be beneficial to both parties, they do not have to look any further than coworking childcare space MOMentum. Located in Philadelphia, MOMentum offers monthly rates of $425 which allows parents to use the coworking space with childcare twice a week. This price can be compared to the average monthly cost of $844 that parents typically pay for childcare in the city. This type of rate has made MOMentum a popular coworking childcare facility that has brought in numerous members to their location while providing a fun and safe cowork/coplay environment.

Updated Facilities

While it's essential for an office to brand themselves as a coworking childcare space, a parent wants to make sure they have the right amenities. Many coworking spaces across the country are upgrading their areas and taking the term “cowork coplay” to heart while doing so. If a coworking operator is thinking of updating to become a coworking space with childcare, then they should consider including these features:

  • Lactation lounges for mothers with newborns
  • Indoor playgrounds for children to run around,
  • Cafeterias where both parents and their children can eat lunch together
  • Workout facilities for the parents

These types of amenities can attract new coworking parents to your space.

Childcare Tips to Keep in Mind

If you are a coworking manager looking to make the transition into coworking childcare, it is vital to keep a few things in mind while doing so. The most important might be to ensure your coworking space with childcare offers stability and consistency for both the kids and parents each day.

A coworking operator should consider:

  • Obtaining the necessary licenses for child care facilities
  • Events for the children
  • Snacks and healthy food options
  • Additional trained childcare staff members
  • Playrooms that are ideally indoors so the kids can play at all times of the year
  • Security systems like access control or smart locks

From a business standpoint, a coworking manager should be mindful of their monthly rates and membership prices. Childcare can be expensive for the parents, so it's vital to have rates that parents will find affordable and attractive.

Having a coworking childcare space can be a huge relief for working parents. As a coworking operator, the ability to offer childcare service while providing a space for the parents to work will open your coworking spaces to a new market of users. Not to mention, your space would become a true cowork coplay space for both parents and children alike.

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