7 Resources to Help You Excel in Marketing

Coworking spaces are hailed as the future of working, and they are growing in popularity year on year. Open plan offices with an abundance of desk space and creative minds create a hub of dynamic productivity. However, getting your coworking space noticed requires a solid marketing strategy that reaches your target customers where they are the most active. To help you with this, I’ve highlighted seven excellent resources that will help you fill your desks in no time.

Google My Business

Your business’s Google listing is as important as your space itself. This is the welcome mat at your business’s door, and so you need to ensure that your Google My Business listing is as detailed and useful as possible.

To that end, provide office opening times, nearby facilities, different contact methods, and so on. Encourage your customers to take photos while they’re working to add to your business listing too.

Google Maps listings are a great marketing tool for local businesses. Coworking spaces can learn a lot from successful ecommerce brands who anchor their presence to a physical location. In fact, perhaps you should transform your coworking space into an online store and offer your customers the ability to book one-to-ones and arrange their desk space diaries online?

Explore the boundaries of hybrid spaces further, and put your coworking space out there as a brand, creating branded swag and products that help solidify a collective sense of identity.


If you haven’t already, register your coworking space with Sharedesk. This tool is basically the industry’s yellow pages, featuring thousands of work and meeting spaces from around the world.

Freelancers and agencies can find spaces quickly and easily based on their location and specific needs. Signing up is quick and free, and it’s a great way to get your space found by those in need.


Paid ads are a valid and useful means of drawing in leads for businesses — and they are not hard to manage or run in today’s programmatic age.

  • You can use a simple ad platform like AdSense to market your coworking space directly to people as they go about their day, or start an ad campaign on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Create a selection of attractive, engaging ads with strong calls to action and split test each of them to determine the highest-performing ones.
  • Finally, target your ads to your specific location to ensure they get seen by the people who matter the most. You don’t want to waste your ad spend.


A solid social media strategy is a must for any modern business, and coworking spaces are no different. Your typical target audience are active social media users, so ensure you also have an active online presence across a variety of social channels. This way, you can reach your customers directly and help them with any quick queries or dilemmas.

To make it easier for you to manage your social profiles, implement automation into your social media strategy with Hootsuite. Hootsuite lets you create and schedule posts ahead of time across a range of social platforms — a massive timesaver.

Research when your target market is most active in your local area, and arrange for relevant posts to be shared at those times to maximize on your social strategy.


When you’re marketing your coworking space, you will often have a certain industry in mind. After all, it makes commercial sense to create a space that’s ideal for a certain user group.

For example, your sleek eco-space might be specifically geared towards tech startups, or maybe you’ve created a more quirky vibe aimed at graphic designers

As such, you need to learn how to speak their language in order to convince them that you understand them — and that’s where content marketing comes in

buzzsumo screenshot

Enter Buzzsumo.This tool lets you seek out and identify content that is relevant to specific niches. You can search based on topics and keywords, and Buzzsumo will bring back relevant content from the web, such as articles, infographics, interviews, and videos. With each result, Buzzsumo displays the number of shares and engagements across a variety of social media platforms so you can determine the popularity of each.

Once you’ve got this data, you can use it to create your own content that will be likely resonate with your desired industry. Write articles, create infographics or make videos that provide useful industry commentary and use them to generate leads for your space.

Content research = the easiest route to industry thought-leadership.


Your business website is key to bringing in those all-important leads, so it’s vital that you rank highly for related search engine queries. Busy founders are highly likely to turn to Google for advice on what would work.

Your SEO optimization strategy needs to be excellent throughout your site. You need to know what it is that your target customers are seeking, and position your web copy accordingly.

This is where Soovle comes in.

soovle keyword volume

Soovle is a keyword research tool that collates related search terms from across the web into one place, so businesses can build content and integrate popular phrases into their copy. This in turn will help boost your page relevance and get your business seen by customers in need of a coworking space.

Really think about what your target customers look for. For example, it’s likely they are not just after any coworking space, but one with an open, light space where they can be both productive and collaborative.

When you learn about what your customers want, you can make your website copy reflect their needs.

Buzzstream Discovery

It can be difficult to reach those who work solo in coffee shops or bars, so you need to increase your reach by becoming more vocal online.

How? By using Buzzstream’s Discovery service to find and connect with local influencers in your target industry. Simply enter keywords related to your target customers’ industry, and Buzzstream will return a list of key influencers who have written about that topic. You can then view their profile, reach, and location, and add them to lists for future reference.

buzzstream discovery

Once you’ve identified them, offer them free membership to your space in return for a little free publicity. Even if they already have an office, the option of having client meetings in a new space is enticing.

As an added bonus, have a launch party for your space and invite them along. Look for media opportunities in local or industry publications to create a buzz around your grand opening.

Coworking spaces are invaluable resources for the changing working practices of 2018. As more and more people seek spaces where they can meet, work, and collaborate, those providing such spaces increase too. Use the resources above to spread the word about your coworking space, and fill your desks with creative and productive individuals to create a workplace community that will thrive.

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