Big Corporations That Use WeWork

WeWork Coworking Space
WeWork Coworking Space

WeWork is a unique chain of coworking spaces offering exclusive services to its customers. Even with strong competitors, big corporations started moving to these cozy corporate coworking areas using the high-speed Internet, office equipment, and large common areas; boking comfortable conference rooms and discussing their business issues in the private telephone booths. WeWork allows corporations to display their branding inside its spaces in all its locations, including 23 United States cities and 21 countries (Argentina, Singapore, Australia, Canada, Netherlands, Brazil, Peru, China, South Korea, Colombia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Japan, Ireland, Spain, Mexico, and United Kingdom. Apart from the regular freelancers who run their private enterprise, WeWork is targeting such big clients as IBM, Salesforce, and Microsoft offering them fantastic corporate coworking facilities.

Did you know that 44 % of big corporations are currently using a flexible open-platform office solution, according to Q3 Occupier Survey? In, 2017, IBM decided to host circa 600 staff members in the WeWork buildings. A year before, Microsoft moved 30% of its sales department employees into WeWork corporate coworking spaces. Amazon’s Boston office is also located at WeWork as well as Airbnb’s Berlin office.

Enterprise tenants benefit from the flexible office environments when they are testing partnerships, hiring new teams or just want to provide their staff with more flexibility. Between 2016 and 2017, there was a 90-percent increase in the number of big corporate clients and a 360-percent growth in the number of their remote workers making WeWork valued at $20 billion today.

WeWork Coworking Space

The landscape of office real estate is changing dramatically, which is a modern trend aimed at enhancing the productivity of the Millennial employees. Maybe it’s time for your business to also select WeWork as its new office? At the moment, WeWork’s Headquarters target mid-sized companies as well as corporations and regular freelancers. Check on Powered by We, your reimagined workspace to stay connected to your people, grow your community, and streamline your business.


Why Choose WeWork?

Even large corporations often hire small and agile teams and test new partnerships with a high degree of uncertainty. That’s why they prefer shared workspaces to provide easier logistics and more flexible terms without the commercial office leasing commitments. In case the team is proliferating, corporate coworking allows adding space and equipment with no effort. If it doesn’t click, however, semi-permanent areas are free to leave at any time. The employees using corporate coworking facilities tend to stay motivated and share a hard-working vibe, sparking new ideas and working productively.

Freelancers are also welcome to join WeWork that offers high-quality software and training to its visitors in all the locations. It creates a helpful community sharing expertise and useful business tips while networking. At WeWork, you will attend incredible sessions with the industry leaders and get valuable pieces of advice as well as good connections. It’s so much easier to concentrate and achieve better results when you are surrounded by the inspired people than when you’re sipping espresso at a coffee shop trying to wake up!

WeWork members also enjoy the benefits of meeting the clients in the professional environment inviting them to cozy conference rooms that they can quickly book using the coworking app. The clients will definitely take your offer more seriously and appreciate the fact that you care about their impression. Therefore, WeWork allows your business to grow and reach the new levels of success.

As you can see, WeWork is a scalable model for most coworking space owners as it attracts freelancers in its regular spaces, helps them to expand their business, and accommodates all the way up to corporate companies. The size of your enterprise doesn’t matter — join WeWork today to enjoy more business opportunities!

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