Fun Things to do With Coworkers Outside of Work

Surrounding yourself with the same people in the workplace every day can get repetitive and boring. Although it may seem unnecessary, simple team building activities lets employees form personal bonds that contribute to the success of any business in the long run. If everyone feels comfortable around one another, decisions become easier, more voices are heard, and the smiles exchanged are genuine.

Here’s a list of nine fun activities for employees to attend outside of work:

1. A Different Style Dinner

Think typical work dinner, but with a twist. Many restaurants today offer more than good food. They offer experiences. For example, Korean barbeque restaurants often have a grill at each table and the customers, rather than the chefs in the back, are responsible for cooking their food. An eating experience like this can spark more interaction among individuals because making the food requires teamwork.

2. Tournament

Ping-Pong, kickball, basketball, you name it, your company can benefit from it. Every company has a range of personality types that are always represented in the office. There’s the detailed-oriented individual, the workplace jokester, and the ultra-competitive personality. Imagine dividing all of these people into groups for a tournament! Pick a sport where athleticism does not matter. A tournament structure acts as a fun office activity to boost morale and a way to build workplace relationships. A top team will likely emerge so workers will have the chance to form bonds with their own team members as well as cheer for or against the top performers.

3. Go-Kart Racing

Everyone secretly wishes to return to their childhood days when everything was simple and carefree. So why not escape the workplace environment for a while and do exactly that? Fun work outings don’t need to be something that only adults see as fun. They can be something kids like too. Go-kart racing allows employees to compete with one another for the winning title and maybe even a trophy. Sometimes all it takes to connect with coworkers is a simple hour in a different mindset. Employees can always look back at photos or videos from go-karting and remember the fun experience. Competition like this can cause some friendly workplace tension. Employees will want to participate in more outside of work activities in the future either for redemption or to keep their title.

4. Karaoke

Let your inner talent shine! Everyone has a song they know all the lyrics too. Partner with a few coworkers to sing karaoke after work. Even if you are not a performer, attending an event like this and watching everyone cut loose and share a laugh can promote coworker bonding. What may seem like an unusual team building activity could be the moment where a colleague becomes your new best friend.

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5. Sporting Events

For when it’s too complicated to plan something or too exhausting to play in your own sports tournament, a great alternative is watching a professional game. Many companies have access to a box suite in sports arenas where coworkers can watch the game, chat with one another, and enjoy food and beverages. This corporate social event idea allows people to be as invested as they want in the game they attend. Even if you have never seen a hockey game in person, you can imagine the energy and variety of people in attendance. Die-hard fans sit at the front of the box, anxiously watching every play, while less enthusiastic fans enjoy the atmosphere away from the action. Regardless of where an employee fits into the scene, there is room for everyone.

6. Volunteer

You want your community to be the best it can be. Volunteering allows everyone to give back to an area or organization and have fun doing it. Colleagues will always be able to think back to the time when they helped weed a garden, coordinate a festival, or taught lessons to young kids. Everyone can walk away with a feeling of accomplishment and a few new friends.

7. Spend Time Outdoors

It might seem cheesy but sometimes you need to stop and smell the roses. There is no better way to do this than with the people you work with. The workplace can get so cramped and overwhelming that the outside world is momentarily forgotten. Taking a moment to enjoy your surroundings and do something active at the same time falls under the category of a fun social event. Make sure to pay attention to those around you. You never know which of your coworkers secretly knows about all of the local plants or a certain type of bird.

8. Local Events

Be a tourist in your own town. Communities often have festivals, concerts or pop-up dining options at various times throughout the year. Take advantage of what your city has to offer and attend these events with coworkers. Exploring something new can be a great way to bond with others and acts as an escape from the potentially repetitive work environment. Field trips like these are especially beneficial in helping to enhance productivity and make the most of a small team.

9. Family-Oriented Activities

The work-life balance can be difficult to handle. Encouraging coworkers to bring their families to outside of work activity merges the work life and family life. Colleagues can introduce their families to one another and put faces to the names of family members that are always talked about. A cookout or picnic is one great way to do this. Other family-friendly activities include mini-golf or bowling. You never know when your child might become best friends with a coworker’s child and suddenly you have another connection to someone you work with every day.

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