How to Choose Office Security Systems

Choosing between different office security systems can be daunting - after all, there are tons of companies out there, and it is hard to know who will protect your hard work. According to data collected by Chicago-based insurance agency Insureon, roughly 8.8% of small businesses experienced a burglary in 2016, resulting in an average of $8,000 in damages per owner. That can be a significant amount to pay for any small business.

Because of the nearly-constant risk of attack, both onsite and online, having an office security system can provide peace and assurance to the entire office. Here is how to choose the right office security system for you and your business.

How Much Security is Enough?

First, consider how much security your office needs. While too much security is better than not enough, security is more about the effectiveness of it, rather than how much you have. Having too much security might make it more difficult for employees to walk around and do their jobs, as well as being expensive. For example, having a few strategically placed office security cameras to maximize the coverage of key areas can help reduce the cost for you.

Customizable Plans

Your business is unique, so your office security system should be too. Finding a vendor that can tailor a plan to fit your specific needs is paramount. Regardless of how much you can spend on the office security cameras or access control points, your security system should meet your needs perfectly, without you having to pay more than you should.

Monitor All Entrance Ways

Installing a camera security system that can monitor your property, and especially all points of entry, can help spot a potential security threat before it even happens. Even if you have wide open spaces where security might be more of a hassle, it is essential to put in place to keep all employees and users safe. It can also help you keep an eye on the lock-down procedures, helping to ensure everything is done correctly.

Office security

Perimeter Security and Door Control

If you have expensive or sensitive equipment in areas that must be protected, you might want to consider perimeter security and interior door access control to reduce the chance of introducers. Having something that allows for 24/7 access and is remotely manageable is often key. An office security company like Kisi can help you control the security of your office without any additional trouble. It is a cloud-based access control system that does away with keys. It communicates between the door readers, electronic locks, and access control panel so you can always maintain control of your office.

Find A Scalable System

Your office security system should be designed like your business - ready to scale and expand to new heights. You might want to start with just a few security cameras over the main entryways, and then continue to add additional features like keyless entry, cameras in vulnerable places, and more. Finding an office security company that can scale with you should be something you keep in mind during your search.

Smartphone Compatible

Everything pairs with smartphones, so why should your office security system be any different? Your system should be able to provide you with direct, up-to-date information via your smartphone. Having a live stream of what is going on in your business at all times can help give you peace of mind. Many security companies can even send you alerts if something does go wrong, helping you to stay in control even when you are away.

Choosing an office security system can be tricky, but by following our advice, you can secure your office in no time.

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