Is The Modern Open Office Plan Problematic?

Modern open office plans are usually designed in line with the concept of thechanging workplace. Coworking spaces have shown a rapid growth over the last 20 years hosting creative entrepreneurs. Today, large companies are also joining numerous coworking spaces. Soon, typical offices will become outdated, so it is crucial to investigate the modern office design concept.

Open Office Concept Pros And Cons

Open office is a traditional coworkinglayout having both benefits and disadvantages. Let’s address each of them!

Benefits of Open Office Coworking

Productive environment is essential at a co-working space because it significantly motivates the members.Today, a modern office design concept associates the modern coworking space layout with the open office. It increases the collaboration between the entrepreneurs. It also provides much more flexibility helping the members to strike the right balance between working and relaxing. Additionally, an open-office design helps to avoid routine and burnout. What is more, creatives are surrounded by the like-minded people, and it also boosts motivation. Nevertheless, such design can also decrease the productivity. Why so?

Is The Modern Open Office Plan Problematic?
Creative Coworking Environment

5 Reasons Why The Modern Open Office May Be Problematic

A thorough analysis of the open office concept pros and cons reveals that many coworking spaces lack etiquette and ground rules. Firstly, modern offices and their supposedly relaxing furniture, such as having bleachers and beanbags in corners, may breed unproductivity. This happens because the posture and lightning affect the work efficiency, too. People might feel relaxed there and work less effectively as a result. Therefore, try to make sure that the posture of your coworking members stimulates the concentration on the important tasks.

Secondly, there are way too many distractions in a co-working space. Loud music and talkative neighbors can disrupt any creative process. So offer your members a pair of headphones and funny “Do Not Disturb” signs that will not offend anybody but convey the message properly. Indeed, having sufficient working conditions in an open-concept workspace is important to work productively.

Thirdly, it is crucial to pay attention to the safety precautions. Unfortunately, the office design has become too open which brings about a number of negative consequences. So maintain a high level of privacy in the open office environment. Providesecurity to avoid any data breaches or occasional information leaks.

Additionally, the modern office design concept should be activity-based. It should offer not only open spaces but also private and semi-private spaces under the same roof. What is more, poor food and drinks can decrease the productivity because the members will have to spend their precious time ordering food from other places or leaving the space to eat.

Is The Modern Open Office Plan Problematic?
It Might Be Problematic to Concentrate Having This Window View

Modern and Productive Coworking Spaces

Industriousis a coworking space that is known for boosting productivity of its members. All the spaces have a well-thought activity-based design. The service is customized to fulfill the needs of the teams including Mashable and Spotify that like working at Industrious. The sense of community is also strong in this coworking space.

Another highly productive coworking space isFactory Forty. It can boast of its innovative design and a zero burnout rate among its members. Networking events take place there on a regular basis making Factory Forty a great platform where creative minds can exchange their forward-looking ideas.

These two coworking spaces are excellent examples of the businesses that provide their clients with the great working experience bringing positive results to their businesses.

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