Big Corporations Entering Coworking Spaces

The emergence of the new flexible coworking spaces has become a global trend. Not only creative entrepreneurs but also large corporations are eagerly entering the innovative working arenas. The latter are dynamic and provide “office as a service” instead of “office as a place.” Networking and finding partners are the essential components of today's coworking industry.

Some coworking businesses fail due to the lack of flexibility. It’s crucial to follow the latest industry trends to stay “tuned.” Big companies benefit significantly from entering coworking spaces because they provide numerous opportunities. The international giants can meet talented entrepreneurs, creative minds, and brilliant startups at those spaces.

Big Companies Entering Coworking Spaces

There is no better place to find awesome partners than a co-working space. Big companies started locating their teams in coworking spaces and also bringing their offices closer to them. For instance, Microsoft, IBM, and Verzion are testing flexible coworking spaces located near the startups. Unilever’s Level 3 in Singapore is a functional 22,000 sqft space for startups, too! Many of them collaborate with Unilever exchanging ideas and mutually profiting from such partnership. This approach provides an open vibrant environment located close to the parent organization which is very convenient.

Big Corporations Entering Coworking Spaces

Reasons for Big Companies to Enter a Coworking Space

Large corporations follow the trend of partnering with the innovative coworking spaces. By doing so, they receive access to both the bright minds and the fantastic technology. Moreover, big companies save a lot of money when they resort to coworking spaces. Such partnerships result in the increased work productivity as well as in getting more profit by both the company and the coworking space. Flexible and smart coworking spaces make it easier for big corporations to stay on top of the technological innovations.

Big companies have to ensure a high level of security and mitigate all the risks associated with their data. Therefore, they have to invest in the regular activity monitoring both online and offline. The corporations also have to control their respective acquisition targets. No disruptions should occur in their operations. So it seems more reasonable to entrust these monitoring activities to a coworking space.

Big Corporations Entering Coworking Spaces
Team Collaborating in a Coworking Space

What is more, transnational corporations are able to concentrate on attracting top talent and increasing their competitive advantage if they “outsource” the activities mentioned above. It will be also easier for them to find acquisition targets in this case.

Additionally, there are more opportunities to grow income in a co-working space. It provides numerous business expansion options. You can also find good potential partners and employees there. Local economies also benefit from the emergence of the coworking communities. This happens because a lot of new jobs are constantly created there.

It is also possible to experiment combining the typical office collaboration with using coworking spaces for startups. You can also combine business incubation hubs and coworking spaces locating them in the same place. Being flexible and agile will bring success to every business in the near future.

It is essential for coworking space owners to consider networking as an excellent opportunity to get new members. Please take into account that networking immensely helps to attract freelancers to a coworking space. Try to develop a forward-looking strategy to ensure great client acquisition, retention, and maintenance. Flexible coworking spaces will definitely hit the work market shortly, so be prepared for it!

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