5 Ways to Promote Your Coworking Space on Instagram

Working all by yourself is boring. It is easy to lose focus on what you are doing and that is why people are increasingly opting for coworking spaces. Other than helping people cut on office rent costs, coworking spaces allow people to work among friends and this makes it easy to share and come up with new ideas. The demand for coworking space is rising by the day and one platform owners can use to promote their coworking spaces is Instagram. With Facebook reporting that 1 billion people are on Instagram, coworking operators can use the platform to promote their spaces and reach a new audience. In this article, we highlight the best tips to promote coworking spaces on Instagram.

1. Evoke Emotions

To promote your coworking space on Instagram, you need to make sure that your posts are able to evoke genuine emotions among your users. The people you are targeting should be able to see themselves working at your coworking space and you can use filters on your photos, targeted messaging, and happy colors to achieve this. Coworking is all about community and your posts should capture this feeling to get people to sign up. The pictures that you choose should represent what you want people to feel about the coworking space. Photos of people interacting and laughing at the coworking space are ideal since they capture the sense of community, fun, and laughter.

2. Post High-quality Photos

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and this is why you need to take high-quality photos of yourcoworking space if you want to reach more people on Instagram. Instagram is predominantly a photo-sharing service and as such, you need to make sure that the photos communicate positive things about your coworking space. You may be tempted to use your smartphone to take pictures that you will post on your page to save on costs, but you should hire a professional photographer who will capture high-quality photos that you will use for your promotional campaign. An hour of professional photography will provide you with enough picture content for days. Let the photographer know what you are trying to achieve with the photos and let them get to work. In a month, you will only need to pay for 4 or 5 photo sessions and the result will be high-quality photos that will attract people to your coworking space.

3. Follow and Interact With Other Community Members

Another important strategy for promoting your coworking space on IG is to interact with other players in thecoworking community. Like and comment on the content posted by others so as to create the feeling of community. Don’t be afraid to interact with other competitors in the coworking space. In fact, you should follow each other and interact often so as to create a positive environment that will boost the industry in general.

Other than other players in the coworking space support other small businesses in your area by following and liking their posts. Support for small local business especially those in the creative industry such as dev shops, designers, and photographers is good for you since they may refer you to some of their clients who are after coworking spaces. They will also help promote your content by sharing your posts on their timelines and this will increase your audience reach.

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4. Vary Your Content

You may be tempted to post a lot of promotional content on your page so as to increase your chances of landing new customers but this is a wrong move in this era of online marketing. Such content easily comes off as spammy and as such, it is easy for people to ignore it and move on to the next post. This is why you need a content strategy that will guide how you post content on your page. Mix up the posts and make sure that you have more community and inspirational posts than promotional ones. In fact, limit your promotional messages to 1 post for every 10 that you upload on your page. This way, you will be adding value to your audience and this makes them more receptive to your promotional messages.

5. Build a Relationship With Your Audience

On a social platform, you need to make sure that you are positively engaging with your audience on Instagram. When they comment on your post asking for more information, you need to reply as quickly as possible lest they lose interest in your services. Hire a social media manager if you are not available to respond to user queries on time. Since Instagram is primarily meant for photos, it can be more difficult to distribute content (such as blog posts, press releases, and newsletters) through the app. However, that shouldn’t stop you from constantly updating the bio link in the company profile with the most current blog posts or creating stories on Instagram during moments that truly represent your space. Small updates like this will give your Instagram channel a sense of authenticity for avid followers.

6. Final Words

Instagram is a good platform for coworking operators to promote their spaces but for the promotional campaign to be effective, there are a few guidelines to be followed. We have shared a few tips in this regard so as to make it easy to land users for your coworking space.

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