Top 5 Most Unusual Coworking Spaces

The number of active freelancers worldwide is steadily rising, contributing to the vast development of the so-called gig economy that’s already in full swing.

Some freelancers prefer to work in the privacy of their own homes, claiming to be more focused and productive in a quiet, unpretentious environment. Other remote workers, however, turn to coworking spaces instead. They often emphasize that social interactions, networking, and emotional support they get in these work hubs help them stay goal-oriented and inspired to succeed in their chosen careers.

The number of coworking spaces worldwide is projected to exceed 25,000 by 2022. From luxurious, vast open spaces to small, intimate hubs with a limited number of seats, coworking is on the rise and available choice of venues to work in gets more and more interesting. Here is our pick of some of the most unusual coworking spaces in the world.

1. Village Underground (Lisbon, Portugal)

Top 5 Most Unusual Coworking Spaces

Village Underground is a one-of-a-kind multidisciplinary space located in Alcântara, a civil parish in Lisbon. The construction of this unique coworking spot consists of recycled shipping containers and double-decker buses reimagined as offices, meeting rooms, and studios. The sight of it is quite remarkable, and Village Underground has become a spot that helps artistic and inventive individuals and companies thrive.

Village Underground is a space where cultural manifestations, business events, and workshops live together in harmony. Premises include offices with air conditioning and fast Internet connection, which can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Freelancers especially like networking opportunities Village Underground has to offer, as its community consists of remote workers, start-ups, and entrepreneurs alike.

2. Uncommon (London, UK)

Uncommon coworking space

The best space to work remotely while living in London is undoubtedly the Uncommon. This chain of flexible workplaces has venues in Highbury and Islington, Borough, Fulham, and Liverpool Street.

What is the first thing you notice when you enter one of the Uncommon spaces? Green plants are absolutely everywhere, giving these venues the unique feel of working in an adapted rain forest. Amenities Uncommon spaces offer even include showers, bike storages, creative labs, and rooftop spaces. Lighting is impeccable, and the scent in the air helps the guests relax and concentrate.

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3. Hubud (Bali, Indonesia)

bamboo room at Hubud

According to the Hubud community, this isn’t just another coworking space - it’s real bamboo heaven. This may sound too good to be true, but taking a single look at this amazing place proves that this highly ambitious title isn’t an exaggeration.

The stunning nature, comfortable spaces for working alone or in a group, a variety of events and workshops, H-Pass that provides all kinds of discounts… The list of perks goes on and on. When you enter Hubud, you even get an amazing “Welcome kit” and a SIM card with prepaid internet. Led by three digital nomads and designed to look out-of-this-world, Hubud is a space that justifiably bears the name “a home away from home”.

4. The Farm (NYC, New York)

coworking space with exposed brick

The Farm coworking spaces in Soho look nothing like barns. Thanks to the exquisitely designed and furnished interiors where warm, earthy tones, wood and lots of plants prevail, these offices promote calm energy and focus. You are bound to see a sliding barn door from time to time, but a delicate balance between modern and classical elements makes this place one-of-a-kind.

The Farm’s event venues (Main Venue, Conference Rooms A and B, Library Room and Mercer Bleachers) are even more memorable, equipped to host 10-160 guests invited to conferences, cocktails, exhibitions, and even weddings.

5. One Roof (Melbourne, Australia)

coworking space with white walls

One Roof is a coworking venue and concept dedicated to female freelancers and entrepreneurs. It’s a community of inspiring, driven, successful female leaders and innovators and a place that promotes support, networking, and sharing experiences.

One Roof is located in Southbank near the Melbourne central business district. Simple white furniture combined with pastel accents and (here, too) lots of green plants gives the space the feel of unique freshness and lightness of being. Apart from working in a calm, beautiful environment, One Roof’s vibrant community gets to partake in master classes, workshops, and conferences regularly hosted in this elegant space.

Abandoning the concept of a regular 9-to-5 job allows freelancers to choose the workspaces according to their needs and wishes. Original interior design, location, and comfort tend to be among the deciding factors freelancers consider when choosing the best coworking space. As a result, working hubs founders get more and more creative with interior design and amenities their spaces can provide.

From North America to Australia, every freelancer is sure to find a coworking space that’s just right for them. For the ones who like to travel and work, exploring the unique, unusual remote offices is often an experience they look forward to long before their trip begins.

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