Online Branding: Things that Help Create a Strong Brand for Your Coworking Business

The coworking industry is getting increasingly competitive. Even in the times of the pandemic, the number of coworking spaces worldwide kept growing, reaching more than 2.5 million:

Online Branding: Things that Help Create a Strong Brand for Your Coworking Business
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There is no doubt that the demand for even more coworking spaces will keep increasing when the pandemic ends. But while it’s great that the industry was not destroyed by numerous lockdowns and limitations, when the world goes back to normal, your coworking business will need something that will help it stand out from the crowd.

Online branding can be a perfect solution in this case.

What is Online Branding and How Will It Benefit Your Coworking Business?

Also called internet branding, online branding is a technique that employs the means of the internet and social media to place and promote a brand in a respective marketplace.

Basically, when we talk about online branding, we take into consideration all the promotional efforts connected to it – a website, social media accounts, online advertising, email marketing – everything that could help represent the identity of your coworking business online.

But besides increasing brand awareness, there are also other important reasons to invest in online branding:

  • People google you. It is probably the main way how your potential customers can find your business. If your coworking brand is underrepresented online, it will be hard for them to have a full picture of what it is and whether they can trust it.
  • Online branding helps expand your reach. If your coworking business has a strong online brand, with time, you will be able to grow your audience and gain new customers from different industries.
  • It personalizes your business. The goal of online branding is to represent the business’s values, making it stand out and personalizing the customer experience.

Now, as you have an idea of the importance of investing in an online brand, let’s take a look at how you can create one for your coworking business.

1. Launch a Blog to Build Authority in the Coworking Niche

One of the core aspects of creating a successful online brand is having a website. And one of the inalienable elements of a good website is a blog, as it is also one of the factors that help a website rank higher on Google.

However, a blog is also a powerful way to build authority in your niche. No matter what kind of venture you run, whether it’s a beauty shop, a podcast for learning English, or a coworking space – a blog will show your audience that you have profound knowledge of your industry.

WeWork, a popular global coworking space, is a great example of how such a business should run a blog. There are not just general articles with industry news but also posts with expert opinions and other unique insights:

Online Branding: Things that Help Create a Strong Brand for Your Coworking Business
Image credit: WeWork Blog

The blog’s performance is quite high. The Ahrefs analysis shows that the blog has a good domain ranking together with a decent number of backlinks:

Online Branding: Things that Help Create a Strong Brand for Your Coworking Business

These are the indicators of the blog’s success and prove that if you consistently invest in your blog, it will help you build authority in the coworking niche over time.

2. Turn Your Social Media into Coworking Space Tours

There are a lot of coworking spaces available in almost every corner of the world, and all of them are very agile and efficient. So, you need to do everything to make sure that your future customers will choose you among the myriad of competitors.

If you want to find the right target customers for your coworking space, you need to let them see your amenities before they can actually visit them. A great solution, in this case, is to turn your social media into coworking space tours.

Green Desk, a popular network of coworking spaces in NYC, is doing it on its Instagram, where its customers can look through the offered office spaces and their features:

Online Branding: Things that Help Create a Strong Brand for Your Coworking Business
Image credit: Green Desk

While the majority of coworking businesses offer to book a virtual tour, which needs to be scheduled and takes several days to execute, showcasing your coworking spaces on social media gives your customers an opportunity to see everything right away. There is no doubt that, with a feature like this, they would rather choose you over your competitors. And, it shows you as an open and welcoming brand.

3. Humanize Customer Experience

For a customer, personalized interactions with a business are very important, especially when choosing a coworking space. It would be unwise to let your potential customer interact with a chatbot if you want them to choose your coworking business over others. That’s why it is crucial to humanize the customer experience as much as possible.

TechSpace, a coworking business popular among tech companies, took humanization to the next level and started introducing its employees responsible for customer communications in different coworking spaces around the U.S.:

Online Branding: Things that Help Create a Strong Brand for Your Coworking Business
Image credit: TechSpace

What’s outstanding about this approach is that the brand not just introduces the person and their job position but also creates a relatable image describing their passions and hobbies.

You can also diversify your social media with employee profiles. It will be of incredible help for your potential customers to know, who they will be in contact with, and will also represent you as a brand that respects its employees.

Wrapping Up

If you want your coworking business not just to stay afloat during and after the pandemic but also to grow and attract more customers, investing in online branding is crucial.

You can start by running a blog, which will help you build authority in the industry. Besides, using your social media to showcase your coworking space amenities is a great feature that can help differentiate your coworking business from others. You can also share some information about your employees, which will make your online brand relatable and add a human touch.

Hopefully, these tips will help you create a successful online brand for your coworking business and put you ahead of your competitors.

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