How Coworking Spaces Are the “Airbnb of Offices”

Because of their similarities, many consider coworking spaces to be more or less the Airbnb of offices. Both allow you to rent a space that would otherwise be unused and choose the length of time to do so for. With Airbnbs, that time is measured in nights, as it would be with a hotel. With a coworking space, it is measured in days or months, with different rates depending on how many days or hours you need access to the space. Both Airbnbs and coworking spaces come with built-in amenities, such as Wi-Fi. While Airbnbs have bedding, a full kitchen, and other homey amenities, a coworking space has coffee, lounge areas, phone booths, printers, and other office-related amenities.

There Are Office Rental Platforms Similar to Airbnb

Just like Airbnb rents out apartments and homes, there are various platforms within the coworking industry that connect users to open coworking spaces, letting small teams and companies rent their office space on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The following are just a handful of the industry leaders.

Croissant is one of the most popular platforms for this, providing access to 80 different coworking spaces. A simple website and mobile app let you find and reserve a location with the space you need as an individual or small team. All memberships last for a full month and give you a certain number of hours you can use between all the coworking spaces in the Croissant network during that time, plus free guest hours, perfect for small businesses.

airbnb for office
‍ Coworking spaces tend to offer a range of seating choices and other amenities with various membership options.

LiquidSpace can connect you to desks, private offices, and meeting rooms on an hourly basis or desks, private offices, and office suites monthly. There are also tailored flexible solutions for larger companies who want customization.

SharedDesk is another choice, letting you filter out the search results based on your requirements and location. You can book via the platform and pay online, so you just have to check-in and can get right to work. SharedDesk works with dozens of spaces and clearly lists the prices for all of them as you search. You can choose to rent a space hourly, daily, or monthly.

coworking and airbnb
Coworking spaces regularly include networking events.

Why Use a Coworking Space Instead of a Traditional Office?

While both a coworking space and a traditional office will have coffee, internet, bathrooms, printers, and other basic amenities, many people find their productivity increases in a coworking space. Emotional health can increase since the environment is more relaxed and there are more seating options, ranging from sitting or standing desks to lounge areas. In many cases, coworking spaces are more affordable than traditional offices, especially for startups and entrepreneurs. Coworking spaces also frequently have additional resources, such as talks with industry experts, offer networking opportunities, and eliminate many administrative hassles.

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