Suggestions for Starting a Coworking Podcast on a Budget

When you’re part of a coworking community or you manage or own a coworking space, there are many options available to you to make your space more valuable or engaging and go beyond the four walls of your coworking space. Podcasts are an excellent way to build a legacy within the community by sharing information and stories to everyone and anyone. Podcasts are becoming more and more popular as people turn to audible means of gaining information. Businesses are being discovered because of their podcast topics. So how do you start a podcast for your coworking space when you’re on a budget? Look no further than these tips and tricks to get you rolling.

1. Find Your Focus

Before you get started, you need to decide what the focus of your podcast will be so you’re not all over the place. Meet with your team and brainstorm what you want to focus on generally so that you can pick topics that fit that idea. Think about your target audience and the current community that you have and this may help you find the foundations of the content you want to discuss. If your coworking community is all about a mix of work and entertainment, you could focus on that business management and entrepreneurship lifestyle and talk about any topics related to this.

2. Brand Your Podcast

The next step is to define your business. What is your coworking space brand, and can you match that with your podcast? If you link the two you can increase your website traffic and your followers will recognize your identity and values. During your team brainstorming, decide on the mission, the vision of the podcast, and how they align within your community. Everything you decide from this moment on should keep this all in mind, whether it’s empowerment, ambition, inclusiveness, community, wellness and health, and more. You want those words to reflect not just your podcast but your coworking community as a whole.

3. Sound Quality

You want to have good sound quality in your production without breaking the bank. This is certainly doable: the first thing you need is an audio interface which connects microphones, instruments, and more to a computer. When you choose one, look for something that’s good for general use and has sufficient microphone inputs for your team. Then, you need xlr cables for each microphone, pop filters, microphone stands, headphones, headphone amplifiers, and a laptop with audio recording and editing software that will work with your interface. The room you choose should fit all your guests and equipment comfortably around a table, and have sufficient padding like bean bags, dividers, and acoustic panels which will remove the echo. Consider renting equipment or studio space instead of committing to purchasing it all yourself.

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Coworking Business Plan Checklist

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4. Focus on Organization

It’s important to be organized when you start a podcast, as organized and structured as the rest of your business. This is absolutely crucial to maintain your deadlines and be able to do what you want to do. Don’t be afraid to delegate and clarify every team member’s roles to make sure everything runs without issues or delays. Before you start your podcast, be sure to have a plan in place and everyone knows which task is theirs. It doesn’t hurt to streamline your process and be as prepared as you can be – you’ll be setting yourself up for success.

5. Free Hosting Is Possible

It’s actually possible to host your podcast for free, including monetization and distribution. allows you to do all of this on a web page and through an app without paying a penny! Many companies offer these services but charge for upload, distribution and analytics. With, you’ll get a web page for your podcast and your content will be uploaded to Apple, Spotify, Google Podcasts and other platforms. You can schedule your episodes to release at certain times and even figure out how many plays you’re getting every week.

6. Share Your Podcast

Use marketing tools that you already have at your disposal to promote your podcast. Send emails to your newsletter list, post on your social media, and you can even send a press release to local media. You should also be encouraging your listeners to subscribe to the podcast, rate and review it on various platforms because the more feedback you get, the higher it will rank so others can discover it. Don’t forget that podcasts can be broadcast worldwide, so use that scope to your full advantage.

Now that you have our top suggestions for starting a podcast on a budget, you can get the ball rolling to start the coworking podcast you’ve always dreamt of. Happy recording and sharing!

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