Best Coworking Podcasts

Coworking is a growing trend, with more people choosing to work in these flexible spaces, including freelancers, those who used to work from home, entrepreneurs, startups, and more. Even many large companies have started using coworking spaces for their employees to encourage creativity and provide a different environment. For those who choose to run these global coworking spaces, there are plenty of resources available to guide you through the process of opening and running a coworking company.

Best Coworking Podcasts

Types of Resources for Coworking

There is a plethora of websites and blogs dedicated to providing advice for those looking to open a coworking space or those who already have one. These blogs tend to cover all types of topics—from software, to making printing easier to pricing your membership plans.

In addition to websites, there are workshops, books, podcasts, and magazines. DeskMag, for example, is one of the leading online magazines dedicated solely to coworking. It has topics like statistics, events, news, and tips, such as maximizing membership sales. Another of the coworking publications isNew Worker Magazine, which focuses on the future of work and coworking.

You can also find a range of e-books dedicated to coworking spaces, such as the “Ultimate Coworking Launch Sequence eBook” and “The Coworking Handbook: Learn How to Create and Manage a Successful Coworking Space.”

Among the various resources available, you will find many podcasts, here are our favorites.

Best Coworking Podcasts

Coworking Success

Chris Estrada produces the Coworking Success podcast via Operation Spot, a coworking marketplace. Although this podcast targets coworking members instead of businesses, it can give you an idea of the type of amenities potential members are looking for.

The Coworking Weekly Show

The Coworking Weekly Show markets itself as a podcast for those who create coworking communities, it’s hosted by Alex Hillman. At the time of writing, there are 57 episodes with topics such as virtual coworking memberships, coworking event reviews, security systems for coworking spaces, and ways to engage the community.

Everything Coworking

Everything Coworking has plenty of resources on its website, but it also offers a podcast. It’s hosted by Jamie Russo, who delivers his own insights as well as interviews. There are currently 86 episodes, spanning such topics as sales, technology in coworking spaces, why coworking companies fail, dealing with landlords, and forecasts.

Coworking Conversations

Coworking Conversations is hosted by Claire Carpenter and David Stroud. The podcast features them talking to global coworking business leaders. You can learn how those leaders started and how they keep growing their businesses.

Coworking Out Loud

Coworking Out Loud comes from Cat Johnson, a coworking insider. You will find insights for the coworking movement and marketing tips, with personal stories mixed in for good measure. So far, there are just 13 episodes, but this podcast is active, so you can expect more to come.

Best Coworking Podcasts

You can listen to these podcasts whenever you have the time, including during a commute when you can’t read coworking publications. Listening will give you industry insights, keep you up to date on statistics, let you know about upcoming trends, and provide you with tips you may not otherwise think about.

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