Why Full Self-Service Coworking is Not Yet Possible

Coworking; the future of work and the most efficient way to run a creative business. Coworking spaces are popular among private entrepreneurs who think outside of the box and remote workers, as well as the employees of large corporations — members of agile teams. Apart from the comfortable working conditions, these spaces allow meeting clients in a professional environment, including conference rooms that ensure the privacy needed for commercial meetings. Coworking services often include booking such rooms beforehand easily with the help of coworking apps.

Other coworking services offer members standard amenities such as printers, laptops for rent, comfortable desks and chairs, air conditioning, coffee machines, professional maintenance — there’s practically everything a member needs. Advanced coworking spaces often provide the full automation of their self-service amenities as well as access control. Lighting, heating, and cooling can also be performed via automation in the modern spaces, adding significant value.

Automation of Coworking Services

Nevertheless, some services cannot be completely automated, such as the first aid services available at the coworking spaces for kids. Children require constant human presence; however, the owners may want to install modern surveillance systems to ensure high-quality childcare. Additionally, networking events often held in the coworking areas cannot be organized using full automation. In this case, the staff puts to use their communicating skills to invite the experts and encourage them to share their experience with the clients. Selecting the topics for such events is also a creative task which needs lots of planning. Nevertheless, organizing networking conferences will be much easier if the managers apply the latest coworking software. It can also help them immensely while scheduling staff trainings.

Why Full Self-Service Coworking is Not Yet Possible

Benefits of Self-Service Coworking

Coworking software such as WUN and various mobile apps make numerous operations really easy. For instance, visitors can book a desk or a conference room in a few seconds via their smartphone. Progressive coworking management apps make user experience awesome right from the start. They will help your future clients to buy membership online and provide them with door access, scheduling amenities, and numerous other services. Moreover, coworking management apps will ensure a flawless experience across all your locations with a smart Wi-Fi network recognizing user profile ID everywhere. Self-service coworking also includes automated billing and a self-service booking calendar to charge the clients, according to their use of the space and amenities.

Why Full Self-Service Coworking is Not Yet Possible

The future of self-service coworking will deliver phenomenal user experience, keeping your members connected and building a strong and loyal community. Lasting relationships with your clients will become a reality with the help of state-of-the-art technologies that ensure smooth operations. Want to know more? Check out these 10 killer coworking management apps including the most outstanding solutions, such as a group-chat service for remote teams and a handy online accounting app that’s completely free! There are apps to help synchronize all the members’ activities, and apps to balance a plethora of tasks to organize a smooth workflow. Don’t hesitate to use the latest technology to keep your members connected and wanting to come back again

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