Best Black-Owned Coworking Spaces

There is a rise in black-owned coworking spaces around the country, and as a result, this demand has opened up more opportunities for many black professionals. There have been more than 56 black-owned coworking spaces across the country that have popped up in the last decade, and that trend is showing it will continue to rise. Black-owned coworking spaces have the same focus as other coworking spaces, those concepts being innovation, community, and safety for its tenants.

Black-Owned Spaces

Black-owned coworking spaces can be very similar to any other type of coworking space an entrepreneur and startup might come across. They often share the same focus, contain the same technical features, and social amenities as many other coworking spaces. These same characteristics can be found in an area like Vector 90 in Los Angeles, California, which offers a hyper-modern industrial space with hot-spot desks, state-of-the-art kitchen space, and private conference rooms. Space Called Tribe in Miami is another black-owned coworking space that emphasizes urban innovation and incubation. These are just two examples of a few other black-owned coworking spaces, which are listed below, that have made names for themselves in the coworking space community.


Femology, located in Detroit, Michigan, is a coworking space that primarily serves black female professionals. It was founded by Meagan Ward, a Detroit native, and is expected to house 100 women-owned brands in the community. As a creative and progressive concept, Femology has provided opportunities for many entrepreneurs and startups in a city that has begun to rise as an innovative and inclusive hub within the midwest.

The Gathering Spot

The Gathering Spot has two locations, one being in Atlanta and the other in Washington DC. Founders Ryan Wilson and T.K. Peterson wanted to launch The Gathering Spot with the priority of having it feel like an exclusive and luxurious coworking space. The black professionals that primarily work from this space are there by invitation only, a mandatory requirement to join the coworking space. Additional top-tier amenities of the coworking space include 24/7 access, frequently hosted events, and a full-service restaurant and bar for its tenants. While this luxurious feel and exclusivity might seem bad for business, Ryan and T.K. have noticed their space has opened doors for many entrepreneurs and creators throughout the city, turning Atlanta into a focus city for many startup businesses.

La Create Space

Located in Inglewood, California, La Create Space is a state-of-the-art coworking space that has a futuristic focus on convenience and comfort. Guests and tenants can take advantage of electric furniture that also has custom wooden handmade tables, plenty of sofas, and enough USB charging stations for everyone. Terell and Marisa Johnson, founders of La Create Space, wanted to build a community working space where startups, artists, social media influencers, and tech junkies of all kinds could grow, network, and see their projects come to life.

Black-owned coworking spaces are on the rise in cities across the country and have opened doors to many black startups and entrepreneurs, a professional group that, unfortunately, often gets overlooked. The three spaces mentioned above mirror the same concepts and amenities as many of the larger chains, but seem to excel at attracting black professionals and black-owned businesses.

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