Best Coworking Events and Conferences - 2020

Coworking is one of the fastest-evolving sectors of the commercial property market. From high-end meeting points to serviced offices, business accelerators and artisan hubs, all of these have thrived in the last few years. We have seen many diverse, flexible shared office models and it can be tough for a business owner to successfully adopt current best practices in a fast-paced business environment. Attending major coworking events and conferences are a way to keep yourself on top of the trends.

Reasons to Attend Coworking Events

By attending the best coworking conferences 2020 or other amazing coworking events, one can gain enormousbenefits. No matter whether you are a shared space operator, a property owner, a developer, a broker, an office service company or an investment fund, you should attend at least one event to gain some insights.

Coworking Events and Conferences - 2020
A coworking conference is a place to learn about the industry’s latest trends and establish partnership

1) It’s a great chance for communication and networking as well as finding partners and/or investors

2) One can find out about the latest trends across the market

3) Operators can learn how to finance their projects, attract new audiences and achieve and sustain business growth

4) It lends an opportunity to get inspired by listening to success stories, and to adopt best practices in your own business.

Best Coworking Events 2020

Here’s our pick of the top coworking events and best coworking conferences 2019:

1) CU Asia

Where: Bali, Indonesia

When: March 5th-7th, 2020

Price: $42.99 – $709.24. Get tickets here

Asia is one of the most promising and agile markets for coworking. Meet co-founders of the coworking spaces that have become the household names in the industry, learn about the local ecosystem trends, and attend a coworking academy 3.0 in Goa – India’s tropical paradise.

2) Workplace Futures

Where: London

When: February 20th, 2020

Price: £445 - £845 + VAT

Launched in 2007, Workplace Futures is a place to attend for any facility management company as the conference will give valuable insights into the latest industry trends, customer expectations and provide useful recommendations on how to create a solid business model, no matter whether you are a small-sized, a medium or a large company.

3) Pause Fest 2020

Where: Melbourne

When: February 5th – 7th , 2020

Price: Early bird bookings from $245

February seems to be a busy time not only in Asia and Europe. Australia will host an event thanks to which students, artists, company founders, and investors can learn a lot. The fest focuses on practical skills rather than inspirational moon shots when it comes to such topics as marketing, advertising, talent, startup, and technology. It is all about actionable insights (70%), future trends (20%) and long-term forecasts (10%) in business. Although this event is not purely a coworking one, it is a great place for collaboration and getting useful connections.


Where: Seattle

When: April 20th-23th, 2020

Price: from $250

If you haven't heard of any other coworking event, you have definitely at least heard of GCUC, the world’s largest global conference series. Right now, we know that the attendees of the event include Daryn DeZengotita from Table Coworking & Social Impact Spaces, Amanda Fanoun and Jim De Vico of Essensys and Martin Senn who leads business operations at Davinci Virtual Office Solutions. While the agenda of the event is coming up soon, we are sure that it will be awesome!

5) Future Offices Winter

Where: New York City

When: January 22 - 24, 2020

Price: $649 (One workshop), $2,295 (Main conference) *Get a 20% discount for registration with the code: COWORKINGRESOURCES

This event aims to tackle new challenges across the Real Estate, Workplace, and Design sectors. This year's agenda will not only include topics like coworking and design and architecture, but in addition will feature maturity tracks to cater to both fundamental and advanced initiatives.

Learn more about the event

6) 2020 GWA Conference

GWA conference enables you to make successful connections with various people in the coworking industry, from workplace strategies to investors.

Stay tuned for updates about the event

7) Smart Workspace Design Summit

Where: Berlin, Germany

When: June 2 - 4, 2020

Price: from €998

Smart Workspace Design Summit is the place where you will find a bunch of passionate and creative people working in the world of design. We’re all about creating functional, efficient and beautiful corporate interiors that inspire and motivate employees.

Learn more about the event


Where: London

When: September, 2020

Price: £499 (Get tickets here)

This will be London’s second coworking conference where the future of work will be discussed. Considering the scope of the 2018 London event, we expect that the 2019 conference will be as informative and excellent as the previous one.

9) Coworking Convos

Hosted by coworking content strategist Cat Johnson, Convos is a monthly webinar series that brings coworking owners and operators together to discuss how they can boost memberships and strengthen their communities. The topic of the upcoming Convo:

Can Virtual Mail Drive Revenue and Leads to a Coworking Space?

Can virtual mail drive revenue and leads to a coworking space? Let's chat about it. Join us for a free, informal, community conversation with fellow workspace operators and coworking pros.

Where: Online

When: March 27

How and Where to Look for Coworking Events

In this post, we have mentioned some of the best coworking events 2019. Of course, there are more to take place in 2019 later on throughout the year. You can stay tuned and look for other exciting happenings on Workplace Insight, events hosted by coworking marketing expert Cat Johnson, CoworkingResouces Events or at Global Workspace Association.

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