Best Coworking Events and Conferences - 2018

Are you keen on networking and meeting new people? Do you want to establish new business relationships while enjoying a few days of relaxing talking to like-minded people? If so you should consider going to coworking conferences and events this year! As coworking becomes increasingly popular among small businesses, startups, tech companies and young entrepreneurs, more exciting conferences and events are also being held in 2018 all over the globe. If you want to know what are some of the most exciting coworking events, when and where they will take place, then keep reading.

1. GCUC New York

Where: New York, U.S.A.

When: Apr 22 - Apr 25  

Price:  Get ticket here

The world’s largest coworking conference series held yet another great event this year in New York. This year experts from real estates, technology, design and community spoke to the crowd and gave them detailed information in those areas. We attended this event and it was fantastic: people shared their experiences, visions, hopes and vulnerabilities without reservation. This is certainly an event to look forward to next year!

GCUC New York

2. GCUC Australia

Where: Sydney, Australia

When: Aug 15 08:30 am - Aug 17 05:30 pm

Price:  $275, student price $200

GCUC is the world’s leading coworking conference series provider. It holds multiple coworking events around the globe, including Canada, UK, Dubai, USA and more. GCUC is known to be a no-nonsense event holder, they give solid industry insights, invite the best speaks and hold inspiring conferences. Apart from getting solid information, participants also get to be mingling and networking with like-minded people.

GCUC Australia


Where: London, UK

When: Sep 25 10:00 am - Sep 26 05:00 pm

Price:  £499, Europe Super Saver £570

The world’s largest coworking conference host is coming to the UK for the first time! GCUC is gathering coworking professionals, design enthusiasts, real estate experts, corporate executives and other experts to share insights and passion about coworking in London this September, you do not want to miss this. The great variety of speakers and participants provides an amazing chance to networking.


4. GCUC Canada

Where: Banff, Canada

When: Oct 21 09:47 am - Oct 23 09:47 am

Price:  Coming, check their website

GCUC is coming to Canada this October. Participants from the New York event gave great feedback, you can expect the same unforgettable experience from this event!

GCUC Canada

5. Coworking Europe

Where: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

When: Nov 14th - Nov 16th

Price: Early Bird € 270 Full price € 540

One of the biggest coworking events in Europe will be held in Amsterdam this year. 500 attendees from Europe, Americas and all over the globe will be celebrating coworking and sharing business visions in this fantastic event. Some of the topics being covered include innovation, technologies, human resource management etc. it is also a great opportunity to network with other attendees.

Coworking Europe

6. Autumn 2018 Learning Event- Explore Quality Coworking

Where: Edinburgh, Scotland

When: October 29th & 30th

Price: Sign up and find out the price

This two-day event in Scotland provides people in the coworking field with industry insights and strategies for building efficient coworking spaces. The aim is to provide a great and compact learning experience for coworking professionals and those who want to launch their own coworking spaces.

Autumn 2018 Learning Event- Explore Quality Coworking

7. People at Work Summit

Where: Virtual conference, attend from anywhere

When: July 12 - July 14

Price:  $99

The one and only virtual summit is being held this summer! If you are stuck at your office or unable to travel, this is the perfect option for you. Just register online and attend with an internet access and meet freelancers, startups, fellow remote workers, etc!

People at Work Summit

8. Coworking India 2018

Where: Mumbai, India

When: Sep 29th

Price: Register for free ticket

Coworking is not a concept exclusive to western countries, Asia is fully appreciating the coworking concept and catching up with the trend. This September in Mumbai, coworking aficionados get the chance to  attend Coworking India 2018: this is a one-day event with free entrance by registration, register today to guarantee your spot .

Coworking India 2018

Is there any other major event we should add to this list? Just get in touch at content@coworkingresources.org.

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