5 Reasons to Attend a Coworking Conference

People are likely to choose a coworking membership over the mundane nine-to-five office options today. It’s a global trend that’s becoming very profitable. Creative entrepreneurs prefer being surrounded by people, not working from home, and they like engaging in various coworking events.

5 Reasons to Attend a Coworking Conference

Corporations also rent these spaces as they often hire agile teams to test the alternative forms of interaction. Moreover, memberships costs are significantly reduced when compared to renting a space in an office center. If you’re dreaming of gathering remote workers and independent professionals under the roof of your future coworking space, you definitely need to be prepared for its challenges.

Potential Risks Business Owners Face

To increase revenue, it is essential to consider all the aspects of your business to satisfy the demands of your target audience. In the beginning, all coworking space owners will think about how profitable their place will be; however, they tend to pay less attention to the potential risks they might deal with while running the business. Here are the most typical ones:

5 Reasons to Attend a Coworking Conference

An inexperienced future owner of a coworking space may pay insufficient attention to security issues. As a result, there might be data breaches due to the unreliable WiFi, which might bring severe damage to the clients running a startup. Therefore, you should make sure all operations are protected to maintain a high level of confidentiality. A network security protocol will ensure the safety of the most sensitive data!

Having a coworking membership also means that clients will leave their personal belongings unattended. You should prevent equipment theft right from the beginning. So make sure you’re using the latest technology for the proper surveillance and entrance protection. Keyless access control should also help you allow only verified individuals inside.

Creative entrepreneurs may also suffer from intellectual property theft. Warn your clients that they should discuss sensitive issues in exclusive private rooms to prevent eavesdropping. Of course, such rooms should be available upon request in your coworking space! You should also motivate your clients to use their time and money effectively and stay focused on their activities without getting too distracted.

Coworking Culture and Helpful Workshops

Coworking culture doesn’t just include collaboration and extensive sharing with the community, but it also includes industry conferences offering useful workshops for the members. All of them are dreaming of increasing revenue, and you should constantly help them grow their business. You will nurture the most loyal clients who will come back again and again if you apply these coworking strategies on a regular basis.

5 Reasons to Attend a Coworking Conference

To ensure a good future for your workplace, we recommend you partner up and participate in both national and international coworking events. Your potential partners might include (former name — Global Enterprise) as well as GCUC.

Together, you will bring excellent experience and fantastic opportunities into the world of coworking communities! You might want to take a look at this list of the most awesome coworking events in 2018. Here are the three most interesting ones!

Top 3 Coworking Events and Conferences 2018

1. FlexOffice2018

Date: 12-14 September 2018.

Location: Austin, Texas, USA.

Price: $147 for members and $197 for non-members.

A number of renowned experts will share efficient coworking strategies on how to apply the joint venture model in this field. They will explain how to provide smooth operations and run your business successfully.

2. Coworking Europe 2018

Date: 14-16 November 2018.

Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Price: €380 (only a few mid-priced tickets left!)

You will meet 500 space operators and facilitators to discuss how coworking influences entrepreneurship and what the future workplace will look like.

3. GCUC Canada

Date: 21-23 October 2018

Location: Banff, Canada.

Price: CA $ 400.

GCUC in Canada will host the participants of the former New York event and a lot of other international speakers. They will cover such topics as the coworking movement, community building, and the essence of the sharing economy.

Attend a conference dedicated to coworking, and you will find out how to build a business without facing the most common mistakes. You will also learn how to prevent the risks at the very beginning and, most importantly, you’ll meet awesome people who will share their extensive experience in the coworking industry. Want to learn more? Investigate these easy tips on how to create your own coworking space!

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