Comparison of Common Coworking Membership Options

Coworking spaces are an incredibly useful option, for those who work from home as well as for startups and freelancers, allowing the flexibility to work when you want without having to sacrifice the services you expect from an office. To offer additional flexibility, all coworking spaces provide multiple options for membership, each with its own benefits and pricing. This way, members can get exactly what they need without going over their budget.

coworking membership
‍The best coworking spaces offer a range of membership options.

Looking at Common Membership Options

Although every coworking space is different, most have the same types of membership options available. These tend to include hot desks, dedicated desks, and private offices. Hot desks give members access to the space but don't assign a particular spot on a given day, meaning those with this option change desks daily. Dedicated desks are just what they sound like: A membership that guarantees you use the same desk every day. 

Many coworking spaces also offer private offices, either for individuals or multiple people, with different pricing based on the size of the office and the number of people who can use the membership.

Some spaces will also divide the hot desk memberships as part-time and full-time options, depending on how many hours or days per week a person plans to use the space or if they only need access during regular business hours. 

There are even coworking spaces that offer discounted rates for members who only need access at night. Many spaces also offer hourly rates for those who are just in town for a short amount of time or only need the room occasionally.

Dedicated desks
Dedicated desks are ideal for those who like to leave their supplies set up.

Regardless of the company, most membership options provide similar benefits, such as coffee, tea, high-speed internet, printing, and perhaps snacks. All, but hourly memberships, typically include a business address. There may also be differences in amenities per membership, with more expensive memberships including 24/7 access, extra printing privileges, or additional access to conference rooms.

Choosing the Right Membership Plan

The reason the best coworking spaces will offer such a wide range of membership options comes down to providing flexibility—to appeal to everyone in the area. Every customer will have his or her own ideal space. 

Startups, for example, will likely want to opt for a private office, as this lets them leave planning materials and computers on-site as well as provides access to multiple members of the team. Private office spaces provide a quiet spot for collaboration, yet easy interactions with others using the coworking space.

‍Startups will likely prefer memberships with private offices.

Freelancers and those who work from home, depending on their budget, will either want to go with a hot desk or a dedicated desk. Generally speaking, those who have supplies they want to keep set up will prefer a dedicated desk, as will those who work better in a familiar environment. Some people work best with an occasional change of scenery, leading to their choice of a hot desk.

Those who only work part time will likely not want to spend the money on a dedicated desk and instead opt for a part-time membership, which lets them choose their own hours. 

Digital nomads, who tend to travel a lot, will likely choose an hourly rate or day pass so they can move between cities. They may also appreciate the membership options from larger companies that have a single part-time membership that works across various locations.

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